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  1. Dantien Sensitivity

    It depends on how relaxed i am, sometimes when i breathe i feel some kind of "hardness" in my body and i feel like the breathe is not going very deep, other times when i'm more relaxed i can feel it even in the stomach. I've heard that by focusing on the dantien i could reach the stomach more easily, that's why i asked my opening question.
  2. Dantien Sensitivity

    Right now i can breath max to a count to 10 for breath.
  3. Dantien Sensitivity

    Hi, i was looking for help for a problem of mine: i've just started practising the basics of qi gong, diaphramatic breathing in the specifics, but i have a problem with focusing on the lower dan-tien, basically due to weight loss issues i did a tummy tuck(abdominoplasty) in my stomach and i lost sensitivity in that part of my body, so i have problems feeling the dantien. Is there a way for me to feel it and concentrate into, maybe inside the body? thanks for the help
  4. Hello

    Hello, i'm Griffith, a 21 year old man from Italy, nice to meet you all i came from this site because i just started my journey into the world of Qi gong, so i wanted to know more and share some experience with you guys. Hope i can find what i'm looking for and contribute too. Hi again!