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    who AM I you ask, I say re-arrange the words; place the I/EYE in front the AM, now there you have it, you like wise my self that we are, the I/EYE/AM CONSCIOUSNES, it's okay to take some one by the hand and try to make them see by pointing the way forward but if they keep staring at the pointer as oppose to the direction then all bets are off, it is a yearning and a wanting-ness to want to know and to want to see, that makes the light of ones consciousness activate, some say it's a seeking but I refrain from using that terminology as I cannot seek for that which I already have(from birth)intrinsicly ingrained, i just have to know where to look to receive that which is and always was my since time begun( by right divinely ordained), my spirituality, which is by nature the divine I AM soul journeying in a human body, the I in the all...however we must not fight others for failing to accept themselves or their/our spirituality as we were once too in denial as to who we truly are and what truth entailed, those our brothers and sisters are still our reflective selves as all is one manifesting as a multiple, ps; (there is no separation in the multiple), knowledge must not be forced on the consciously breathing entities cause they will refuse it why? because they are asleep how? by having a conscious state of being, but still is unaware (walking consciously dead zombies). how ever the consciously awaken(bearers of light) must shine through their works because they have awaken to that great and infinite light from with the depths of their inner workings. ..greetings to you all who read this post my name is dimension carrier...continue to (M)ake(A)(D)ifference in your life this way your consciousness expands trust me you are gonna hear those three acronyms echoed at you time and time again, but note what they stand for and be that change you wish to see...blessed love all praises be to I and I a creator of consciousness.