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  1. Best TV shows ever

    The Wire Season 1 The Wire Season 2 The Wire Season 3 The Wire Season 4 The Wire Season 5 Watch the Wire.
  2. New guy from Ideagasms, Rmax, etc.

    Oh yeah, I'd also be interested in meeting other Tao Bums in New York City.
  3. New guy from Ideagasms, Rmax, etc.

    Hey Tao Bums, I've come across this site several times while googling around about various self-cultivation materials. My favorite resources: Pema Chodron Scott Sonnon (RMax: Intuflow, Flowfit and prasara yoga, clubbells) Stephane (Ideagasms--chakras, sex stuff, relationship dynamics) Evolutionary Fitness (high fat, moderate protein, low carb natural foods way of eating) Heartmath Institute (heartbeat meditation) I also really like Samuel Sagan's Atlantean Secrets novels. I'm thinking about integrating Donna Eden's energy routines. What I'm currently looking into is Bruce Lipton's stuff. I don't agree with all of it theoretically, but I'm finding his breakdown of self-healing into two modalities: 1. increase consciousness and 2. reprogram the subconscious (in his model, it's an automatic stimulus response system). He recommends Psych-K, Holographic Repatterning and BodyTalk, for the latter--anyone experienced this? The Buddhist, yoga approach I've cultivated mostly has focused on the former. I've done a little EFT, but am interested in putting more effort into reprogramming my "automatic stimulus response system". As far as I can tell, the techniques he recommends are all "pay for" to learn (unlike, say, EFT). Besides being a cheap skate, I dislike such methods because I don't trust selling wisdom, and every product has equally great testimonials so it's nearly impossible to evaluate which to pay for more practice with if you can't see the system without paying. Best, Jason