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  1. Gift of Insults

    Yeah ! Beautiful. I heard the same story but to do with the Buddha being given a gift with wrong intention. Makes life so much easier holding that thought gently wherever you may be and much easier to be compassionate. Nice ! ... Realy nice.. Many thanks for reminding me.
  2. Hey 4bsolute, Sorry, not very coherent posts from me. Hungover with a brain like a dried walnut. The point I was trying to make was don't be too ready to give away your power. The idea that there is some omnipotent all seeing eye, god, genie or a bunch of fairies out there with a score card marking off your good deeds and bad doesn't really float my boat. The idea that they would damn you for eons for your transgressions doesn't sound very enlightened, in fact a little vindictive. Considering there are better ways to make people understand the value of being a descent human being. Punishment like that doesn't work, just look at our prison systems. Like I said before, I think it's the guilt that follows you. Which can lead to feelings of shame, anger etc which leads to unhappiness and a perpetuation of your bad deeds. There's your karma. A happy person doesn't tend to put shit on people. Each of us has the power to forgive ourselves and make a concerted effort not to repeat those bad deeds. Whats done is done, forgive, say sorry and promise yourself you'll strive to be a kind, compassionate and loving person. There's your karmic brownie points, if you need them. No need for some esoteric practice or a two thousand dollar weekend workshop. Perfection isn't about never doing anything wrong, it's about never repeating those wrong doings. As for Intention. Same thing really. We already have it inside of us. More than most of us realise. But, again we choose to give it away without realising it. To those we deem more powerful, intelligent, worthy or those with the sparkling robes. Which is what I was trying to get at with all my scientific gobbledygook. Simple intention is waking up in the morning, complex intention is walking on water. How to increase your intention is to practice intention and realising how much human intention has already shaped this world. Each and every one of us is a player. Collective consciousness. Dr. John Wheeler, the man who coined the word Black Holes, said we are not passive observers. We are not victims of our world, but our intentions bring reality into existence. Human intention can significantly influence the properties of materials and the nature of reality. There are many scientists and others that have come to this conclusion. I can't say I have a method of increasing ones strength of Intention, but I now realise that we are more capable and stronger than I ever realised. Which is the first step, at least for me. Maybe mind power techniques, mindfullness that sort of thing i suppose might be the next step. As an aside. I see there is a tendency to jump the gun, spiritually speaking. Looking for some spiritual ideal at the expense of our humanness. Too eager to become an immortal. Semen retention. This teacher, that teacher. Angels, demons... ad infinitum. Practice being a descent human being first of all and then concentrate on all that weird shit. Fuck Descartes....I drink, therefor I am. Barman ! mines a large one. All is love......all is love.
  3. The baby is a figment of our imagination as are you and me and the world around us. The natural state of an electron and I think I'm correct in saying the nucleus of an atom is a wave form (not solid matter). They only become a particle (solid matter) when observed. So the act of being aware brings things into physical existence. Being sentient creates reality, makes things solid. The nature of our collective emotions creates the type of world we live in. Which, unfortunately, at the moment tends towards fear rather than love. So, whats Karma ?
  4. Ha ha ! It's great stuff, really is. Makes me feel much more positive about our future. I find it much easier to understand than some of the Taoist stuff on the same sort of subject. Which, I feel, is often hidden from people by those that have the information for reasons of retaining power or collecting wealth. This is all open and free for all. Beautiful. Rupert Sheldrake has some great stuff on his website ( and some great talks with Terence McKenna. There's been some interesting experiments with random number generators. Where the randomness changes before a major incident like 911 or princess Diannas death. Which also questions the linear idea of time. But I've just highjacked the conversation, so I'll put my poor whiskey soaked brain back in its box. Sorry 4bsolute.
  5. Sorry Deci Belle not my intention to upset anyone. The wisened Chinese reference wasn't directed at you or anyone in particular. I like the subject matter, it's not so hard and I don't resent you in the least, why would I. I like criticism or else how can I grow. Abuse is different. Like, me being a baby, change my attitude, clear my mind and get real, smart ass ect. Not very polite or constructive. But no problem. It was nice to read what you said. You write well and obviously have a good understanding. Just not so easy for a simple man like myself to understand. Which is a bit frustrating. The more people understand the better we will all be. That's why I like to keep it simple. For me the idea of Karma is the guilt we carry with us. Not something that needs prostrations, lighting candles, building a church or some esoteric discipline to get rid of. But an effort to right any wrongs we have committed and make the effort not to do it again. Here and now and not in some future life. Silent thunder, good point. How does a chicken know how to get out of it's egg. Or a baby Kangaroo know how to crawl up its mothers stomach to reach the safety of its pouch. Collective consciousness I suppose. Like the hundred monkey principle. I like the idea that our collective consciousness / Intent has created the world we live in. It gives us back our power and also gives us a greater responsibility, which is a little scary. If our collective intent was to live in a world of love we would be there. But we are tending towards fear. That's why think it's so important to keep things as clear and simple as possible. Once we all get it we stand a chance to turn this rather muddled world around. Anyway....
  6. Hi Deci Belle, Not sure what the "fill-in or leave blank here" is all about. Can't I say Chinese ? Although your reply was well written and thought out, it was virtually unintelligible to a simple man like myself. I don't mean that badly, at all. Just that I would like to understand what you said. Most people are walking this solid earth and are not floating in the ethers with the immortals. It just makes spiritual ideas the domain of university graduates and not "common folk". Sorry, bit of constructive criticism from a man that walks backwards. Peace be with you. Marc.
  7. Ahhh ! Nice question. Yi in Chinese. The reason we don't fall through the pavement, because we have absolutely no doubt that it is solid. Our intention has created the world we live in. We believe it to be the way it is, so it is the way it is. Intention is just absolute certainty and clarity, I suppose. Have a look at the holographic universe, really interesting stuff. Lots of new developments in science or as the scientists might say pseudo-science. The only way to bypass Karma is to regret any wrong doings, say sorry, try not to repeat it and don't beat yourself up about it especially. It's the guilt that follows you. Be good. Be happy. You don't need a practice or some wisened Chinese teacher for this. It's all there inside you ready for your discovery. Great stuff.
  8. Herbs for Concentration

    Gotu kola, centella asiatica, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba (Brahmi). Hemp seed oil. 'Rosemary for rememberance' Periferal vasodilating herbs to increase blood flow. Lots of info out there on cognitive enhancements. Best see a herbalist. SLEEP !
  9. perspectives on suicide

    There is a thought that chronic physical pain is a more valid reason to suicide than chronic emotional pain. Some people wake up every day of their lives fighting and struggling with severe emotional pain and trauma. It takes an incredible amount of energy and effort to keep going. To keep fighting. To see the happiness and beauty in life. Not everyone has the information you people have or the ability and knowledge to seek it out. For me there is always light at the end of the tunnel, but for others the tunnel is way too long. I had a huge avocado tree in my garden once. I waited all winter, like a child waiting for christmas, to fill my belly. All that tree ended up producing was one small avocado right at the very top. I said to a Japanese friend, with some disappointment, look at that, such a big tree and only one avocado. She said, yes Marc you have one beautiful little avocado. I put that thought into my bag and take it out to look at whenever life seems too difficult. I don't necessarily agree with suicide, but can understand it and try not to pass judgment on those that see it as their only remaining option. There was a nice story in a Castaneda book. Castaneda and Don Juan are walking through a park chatting. Castaneda sees a snail walking across the path so he picks it up and places it on the grass the other side of the path. Don Juan says why did you do that. Castaneda says, to stop it being stepped on and save it's life. Don Juan says, yes, but you have changed it's destiny. Who are you to do that. Who's to know where our destinies lie. Sorry if I am not doing the forum thing correctly, not used to it. Bit of a hermit. There was mention of the 'hungry ghost' idea of the soul wandering around in between worlds in torment. Is there a Taoist ritual to put these souls to rest ? Love to all. Marc. Here's a picture of a nice fluffy cat to lighten the load of a rather grim topic. He he !
  10. Boddhidharma & Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands

    There's a lovely set of Choy lee fut 18 lohan taught under chen yong fa in Australia if anyone gets the chance. A second complimentary set called siu lohan also. Its on youtube, but not sure if the siu lohan is the full set. The 18 hand lohan is, though.
  11. perspectives on suicide

    Hey Luke. I'd like to second the thanks and the bow for your honesty. Not an easy thing to talk about. If it's any help you're definitely not alone. You're not responsible for your fathers actions, especially as a child. His decision alone and more than likely one taken with or without you being around. He certainly didn't do it for you or he would have sought help for his anger and learnt to be a good father instead. I know saying that doesn't necessarily make much of a difference because, unfortunately, that sort of guilt sticks like glue. But you are still that beautiful and innocent child you once were. One that can love and be loved and certainly one that deserves forgiveness. Ooops, I'm sounding like Oprah. My Grandmother, Mother and Brother all suicided (a family trait), so I understand what it's like to carry that burden on your shoulders. We both know carrying that shit around is useless and to a great degree unwarranted. A friend of mine gave me an exercise to do. When you are relaxed in bed, close your eyes and imagine your father sitting in front of you. Say all the things you never got the opportunity to say. I did it by writing a letter which I never sent. Oh dear, i am Oprah. Big Huggs. Marc.
  12. Hello fellow Bums

    He He. Thanks. Cheese... so versatile and tasty too.
  13. Hello fellow Bums

    Hello fellow Tao Bums, My name is Marc, I enjoy Thai cheese and cheese gong. Love to all.