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  1. Why end rebirth?

    I think of ending rebirth like going to heaven and being able to remain there, rather than going there for a moment and having all memories wiped from you and sent back to earth to try again.
  2. Measuring emitted qi

    It doesn't seem like you addressed the issue, because the evidence that Dagon suggested he has is objective, rather than the subjective evidence you are implying. It is a slanted non-response. If he can control it then you can't write it off as being cold or something else, he said he can prove it, so why did you berate him about something that is irrelevant? He wasn't asking you to prove it, he was asking if someone else can manifest the same phenomena that he does. I don't think that you truly appreciate what he was bringing to the table, and why you want to write it off as something else doesn't make much since, especially if he can show it objectively, which would be providing legitimate evidence for chi. How is that a bad thing? It is rare to tap into this refined qi, but not impossible:
  3. Lao Tzu - A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
  4. Are you enlightened?

    What do you mean by much? Why are you so hard on yourself? You could just take off your clothes if you wanted to be lighter. Or even take a dump, if your mission is to qualify as lighter, lol.
  5. Void experience

    The white dot is the energy required to perceive the void. Without perceiving there would be no experience for you to share would there?
  6. Did you mean immortal fetus? That's what is created with the energy body, but inner fire has to first be discovered within the energy body. http://taoism.about.com/od/practices/a/Kan_Li.htm To create immortal fetus requires the ability to use multiple centers at the same time. And most people never find the fire because it is hidden.
  7. Herbal remedy for Kidney's

    Good posts guys!
  8. Heart-centered living and Middle Dan Tien precautions

    What sort of emotional imbalance I wonder?
  9. Help please, rescue moon lady.

    No one else cares about the Hui Yi and the moonlady?
  10. Haiku Chain

    In the name of law, I don't care about ego's or stepping on toes.
  11. Haiku Chain

    Into the autobahn, I orbit around the world, Faster and faster.
  12. Herbal remedy for Kidney's

    I've been noticing with energy practices that it drains my kidneys and they feel weak and sometimes even hurt. I've been supplementing Punarnarva root powder which works quite well, but I'm wondering if there are other herbs that you guys use that also help with this? Thanks.
  13. A Call To Peace

    Call to peace?