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  1. The truth about White privilege

    SNL is not a black comedy tv show. And it looks like they are ripping on black anger too. Whites are apologetic and feel bad for the past injustices that made their lots in life better (I wouldn't say they are weak) and black people are angry and scary and intimidating and hate whites. No one really looks good in the skit. In the UK and a lot of Europe, one big issue is Islam and immigration, and that ends up being divided up along racial lines. I don't know about other Eurpoean nations, but I doubt the UK is a racially harmonious paradise. I'm not aware of any all black actors comedy shows, at least sketch comedy. But for sitcoms there are plenty. In terms of sketch comedy, Chappelle's Show was very popular and caught on though it wasn't all black people all the time. Key and Peele also comes to mind.
  2. Hello

    Am interested in meditation and cultivation, and learning from others here. Also the physical effects from meditation, like bliss, channels opening up, peace, easy focus and concentration when meditating, lightness and clarity of the body. I don't know that much about Buddhism actually, but I've heard that these things happen in jhana states. Except it seems to not be confined to meditation only, but walking around in that state. Also it seems to be connected to a period of sexual restraint, retention etc. When that period is broken, it seems to fade. I've been at this for a while, but I feel it's still a beginning stage.