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  1. Finding My Way

    Hi. I've taken a long, hard, and circuitous path to get to this point in my life, but I don't believe I would change anything. Well maybe a few things, but that's a part of my story that will have to come much much later. I've spent most of fifty-plus years searching for a meaning to life that would work for me. Church didn't do it. Science almost worked. Alcohol damn near killed me, but I got into recovery before taking that final of final steps. Now that I've been sober for quite a few days (actually, over a year) It seems to me that maybe I should explore this Tao thing since (from what I've read) it seems to line up pretty well with what I feel to be how the universe actually works. It can't hurt, and it certainly may help. Anyway, that's where I'm at, and where I hope to be going.