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  1. Poll: Why do you keep visiting the Taobums website ?

    Ridiculously funny poll! Cheers.
  2. Hi! Hi!

    Maple Syrup?!!? Have you been eating Space Cake Cookies? You seem to be hallucinating, I have said no such thing
  3. Hi! Hi!

    Thank you for your kind welcome, Basher. Cookies make you fat, please don't say I didn't warn you.
  4. Hi! Hi!

    Hi all, I am from a place between Heaven and Hell and like wearing clothes when I go out. Furthermore, I practice Zen and enjoy reading about cookies instead of eating them. They always make my mouth dry. This forum looks very interesting with lots of people doing and talking about interesting things that I too find very interesting which sparked my interest so much that I became interested in joining so that I can share some of my interests in the hope that it may interest you. Furthermore, I have decided to give up on being human, humans are weak and iniquitous and most of them are demons in disguise. Meditate I shall! Thank you.