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  1. Hello! I just joined the forum and is very intrigued by all the past and previous post about the different types of training. I have also notice that there isn't much detailed information on Grandmaster Tu. I am one of Grandmaster Tu's student. I have been training with him for many years and have seen improvements in my life from training Iron Crotch. There has been much rumors about this practice being dangerous or students in the past have been hospitalized. These claims are indeed false. The only way to get injured from practicing Iron Crotch is if you practice on your own without the right guidance. Having the correct knowledge of hanging is crucial to practicing and in order to see results you must learn it the correct way. Grandmaster Tu has been teaching for more than 30 years! I would love to share and spread his teaching here on the forums. If you have any questions about Iron Crotch I can personally answer them for you. Thank you and I look forward to meeting some new friends on the forum! PS. Here is Grandmaster Tu's Website, since I did not see it anywhere on the forum. www.Mastertu.com Thank You 99 Iron Crotch Practiioner