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  1. The Bible and Hermetics

    I'm sorry but what's dp mean?
  2. I posted on a topic this morning, where I said I wouldn't break a oath this oath was to myself, I once practiced hermetics, as I said in my Introductory post. I had done extensive research into every aspect of it. I started when I was 17, I was drowned in it, I forced myself to develop the discipline, to keep at it. My main focus at the time was to only look for powers, and the rules of failure for this that were rumored on the net in many forums were just, myths. I am not posting this to say I am or was advanced, because in a world of duality, there really is no definite truth. I am posting this to show my research, between Hermetics and The Bible. Now I will start with the bible. The bible has to be the single most controversial topic there is, but there is definitely and element of high esoteric knowledge contained within it. The book of Genesis for instance, is a good starting place. A lot of people actually believe it was written first, it wasn't. The book of revelations was. Genesis is more so of a allegorical story. It was held by the kabbalists of that time, it is a story that is describing the creation of the material world on a atomic level where Adam is atom, and his rib is just an orbit or a proton or electron, (6 electron, 6 proton, 6 neutron( mark of the beast)). The garden is also allegorical where the SIN we fail into is actually SINE a physics term or formula used to describe time. When you work with this formula, you begin to see a wave length that resembles what? A serpent. Now I am posting a few of these representations, to lead to how maybe the bible is more then you thought before, and to show that there is some element of inner cultivation in it where if you followed it you can recieve enlightenment, through it also. The secret to it lay with the 12 tribes though. these tribes are in fact cranial nerves. The 12 tribes of israel (Isis, Ra, El ( the mother (holy spirit, Father, Son)) are the things we need to cultivate, or work towards developing better. And how do we do this? With Christ or the light and what is the light we see and experience everyday? THE SUN. You see the place where Hermetics, The Bible, and Toaism were developed was Egypt (Kemet). And they were well knowledgeable about the Glandular body, or Endocrine System. This system when exposed to light did certain things, I won't go into detail in right now, but it was the predecessor to Hermetics. This is what I will cover as far as The Bible right Now, any questions please ask. Now we will look at Hermetics. The thing is with Hermetics also, it was written in alot of code lol, I won't cover as much here, because this subject is not as controversial, but I will point to a practice within the Emerald Tablets, that is the basis of all Taoist practices, the MCO. 11 This tablet describes completely, that if you master the Microcosm, you can master the things around you. The tablets, can be used with the understanding of the symbolism with any path of inner development, but I am posting this only to give you a second look at the things that are so over looked and under rated. Oh and this is just a little bit of My Stories (Mysteries) -Djedmonk
  3. No ef that I'm not going to break my oaths, but yeah the proof is in the construct its both the same calendar. And Savior date? Lol yeah the only thing you got right was duality in that whole discussion. The 13th month is the key America avoids the 13 for a reason forget double digits. 13 is a feminine number, heck its in every religion. If you look into numbers you would know, but me discussing any further on this is going to break my vow. And we aren't free of it the energy. It is more apparent now with the events on earth, but Smh upon the ears of understanding, knowledge will come. With that i apologize for even posting what I did, just forget it.
  4. I apologize for the post won't happen again.
  5. Question on a path

    Ok I have experimented on myself for a while and I wanted to know what you thought of my notes. I am on my phone so it won't be as detailed if you need further explanation please ask.. 1. A vegetable based diet 2. Meditating on mind control or thought control 3. Mco 4. After you feel the energy compress it and pack it 5. Full locust to increase energy and pack still. My main goal is to store energy uh what I would like is feed back on storing the energy not looking for abilities I just want a reservoir of energy and a peace of mind that's all. So If you have any more things you'd like to add please do or need me to elaborate on ask. -djedmonk
  6. The old ones are Archons, known as Elohim in the Bible. Actually Elohim is one of the ranks, for them. Be careful dealing with them especially now, we are in a process leading to the real 2012, America is based on a Gregorian calender which means it doesn't have, 13 months. The Mayan ( learn what that means) calender was made by the ancestors of the Ethiopians, the olmecs. So the Ethiopian calender is right, we are still in 2005. So we are going through a shift right now, where the archonic energy is becoming free upon the planet. Be careful.
  7. Hey guys

    Thank you all for the welcomes, I actually would like to follow my own path, I was practicing hermetics before, and I see a correlation, between them. I believe iih (initiation into hermetics) was missing only one thing. That was celibacy. If not forever atleast for 100 days or at least that's what my research shows. But then again hermetics is a discipline like any other practice, anyway I'm just rambling. Thank you all for the welcomes.
  8. Hey guys

    I have been looking to find a path for inner development for a while, so I tried initiation into hermetics. I was pretty successful at it, but found it not for me, so I searched for other practices, I came across this place. A wealth of knowledge. I find three people of particular interest here, sifu rel, drew hempel and puretruth01 sadly drew left and pure has been banned. I had researched alot of their posts, because each one gave insight into alot. I would like to learn from everyone here, namely the Sifu though and if you may, any books on sitting meditations for energy cultivation.