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  1. Correct words of Patriarchs

    Is that Dr. Seuss Sounds like you searched literally everything in existence on the Earth, and proved that there was nothing interesting whatsoever, and then gave up.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Paul Christian Kreitz. I'm a student in the online classes of the Dao De Center in Russia, practicing the Yu Xian Pai and Wu Liu Pai methods. I'm an official disciple in the Yu Xian Pai lineage and have practiced for almost 3 years. I'm an instructor for the beginning level practice of the school, called Dao Gong. Dao Gong is similar to Qi Gong in that it works with the body and energy channels simultaneously in order to achieve a balanced energetic state in the body. The main difference from Qi Gong is that the methods are designed to prepare the practitioner for Taoist Alchemical practices. Dao Gong was created by the Head of the Dao De Center using all of his deep knowledge of Alchemy from the Wu Liu Pai and Yu Xian Pai Schools and also Martial Arts and Medicine Schools of China. Its creation was supervised by the Patriarch of the Wu-Liu Pai lineage. I am the only instructor in the United States, so I'm in a unique position where I can offer online classes to anyone in the US due to having a similar timezone. On that note, Michael Fedorov (opendao), my Master, Alexey Khokhlov, as well as my instructor Arkady Shadursky, have been active on The Dao Bums for some time and I'm sure many of you have heard about the Dao De Center. So, if anyone in the US is interested in experiencing the methods for themselves, now is the time to start. I sure hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please write a comment and I'll be sure to answer.
  3. Wuliupai school

    I just found this post from the teacher/master in our online classes. Apparently he's willing to answer your questions, Taoist Texts, and anyone else's.
  4. Wuliupai school

    Opendao has used this before, the point being that if you teach the wrong student the practices, then the abilities gained could be used destructively.
  5. Wuliupai school

    It's okay. The tools that I use to pursue truth have led me here. If I fail it will be a necessary lesson. If I don't, sucks for the naysayers :D :D
  6. Wuliupai school

    What if Taoist Texts is just a devil's advocate trying to egg people on so they'll write more interesting useful information? Lol. He seems very useful for that.
  7. Wuliupai school

    I'm still practicing and haven't been sick since I started. I've had many positive feelings from practicing though, some of them quite incredible. I'm skeptical, of course I am. The claims are insane, immortality. But the people from this school, their rational personalities, the teacher's astounding intuitive ability to appeal to the needs of each student, the steadiness and calm focus possessed by exactly all of them (I went to a seminar in St. Petersburg), the spontaneous movement practice, and again the other feelings; I can't help but stay with it to see where it all leads. Many tidbits of information about different topics (food, relationships, stress, history) have come up, it just all sounds so right. The most validating or invalidating thing I can think of is of course to wait until a visit to or from an immortal is scheduled again, and to go see them. I went to see the Hugging Saint once, got a hug, sat through the show. It sucked. I didn't feel a thing. I think she ony affects people who are crazy lol. -who are really sensitive to suggestion and.. don't question what they're told? If the immortal is anything like that I'll become instantly disinterested. Unless they look 29 and show me a birth certificate from 100 years ago, though the certificate could be fake, so then I'm not sure what I would do. Yeah but you jump to conclusions way too fast. Confirmation bias out the a**.
  8. I read something about how ming practice improves xing practice by (I don't remember this part clearly-) creating an energetic state within the body that facilitates a constant awareness of the truths that the textual etc study of xing seeks to clarify. ('xing can be understood through books, ming can not') Qigong Masters Chunyi Lin & Jim Nance have spoken about how important it is to always, always try to be as loving as you can possibly be in any given situation. The meaning of that could take on a lot of dimensions; giving guidance to a student, exercising to take care of yourself, and even not trying too hard to be loving because that could stress you out... Even Jim Nance still has trouble maintaining the pure loving and accepting mental state as often as he'd like to. I wonder, would the effect of ming practice on the xing state transform this difficulty as well? And if so, how could any practice seeking to master xing ever ignore ming?
  9. Neidan vs Qigong

    Maybe the Earth and Golden Dragon are metaphors for Tao in this scheme. That brings me to another question, how exactly are Tao and yuanshen related? edit: Is yuanshen analogous to the primordial yang itself?
  10. Neidan vs Qigong

    Is it fair to say that using postcelestial methods for precelestial aims is like trying to make an apple out of an apple pie? I was just thinking that since houtian is a product of xiantian, then in a way xiantian could be called a more refined form of houtian. But even if that's true maybe it's just too ridiculous to try to make an apple from an apple pie. But I wouldn't know how to prove that consciousness, ZOOM's "light" isn't already a precelestial energy. But if Neidan calls consciousness simply a product (that must be transformed), well I trust Neidan over my own mental meanderings.
  11. Neidan vs Qigong

    ZOOM, I would argue that your interpretation of the linked comment is very selective reading. For one thing: "Opposite direction" is not downplaying the statement, it's directly contradicting it. Hm, I'm not sure what "ming raises" really means but I think it doesn't mean replenishing. What do you think it means?
  12. Neidan vs Qigong

    *sigh* I'm happy to be identified. I didn't want to spam this thread.
  13. Neidan vs Qigong

    Hopefully ZOOM can supply the Chinese character. No this is the method. Here's the exact explanation I got (I'm sure he's ok with me sharing this): "Your awareness is the light. You have to concentrate your awareness inwards on the upper tantien in your head, or more exactly: You have to achieve deep concentration, so you are only aware of that point in your head and completely unaware of everything else, so the practice has a significant effect."
  14. Neidan vs Qigong

    Just for ZOOM's sake: I think the difference between GF and TY is TY builds up jing using horse stance (or was that just Innersound's added idea or* "guidance from a teacher"...?). GF thinks it's ok/better to skip that. It sounds like pure qigong to me. *of***
  15. Neidan vs Qigong

    The one key method is "turning the light around". ZOOM just explained to me that light= awareness, and that turning the light around = focusing your awareness inwards on the upper tantien in your head.