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  1. spending too much time recently

    Hi, I've been spending too much time recently reading through the various posts here. Before coming here I was doing the mediation and pranayama practice that I read about at aypsite.org. I believe the posts from the good members of thetaobums.com have motivated me to explore qi gong as a more suitable path of exploration for me. I believe that I will be able to eventually go deeper in this practice than I ever would be able to do in Indian yoga/pranayama. I lived almost ten years in China and because my wife's family still lives there we frequently go back to visit. We could even eventually move back there to live. Moreover, I now currently live in Brooklyn on the edge of its largest Chinatown. I mention these things because with both yoga and qi gong you will need teachers to teach you and to give you initiations. My already existing background in China and Chinese make the qi gong path a more realistic endeavor, I hope. Many thanks to the members for the excellent posts they make here. I look forward to my continued reading and learning. Best, Jibbers