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  1. Thoughts on destiny

    "Well, if one has not yet controlled their fears then the story would still be valid." Well, fear is an emotion evoked by facing Death. If the emotion be joy evoked by facing Happiness. Will any rapturous action on his part in the light of Happiness be considered stupid?
  2. Thoughts on destiny

    How can an amnesiac know of his condition on his own?
  3. Thoughts on destiny

    So, basically, one finds a way to run into his fate? Well, if we replace Death with Happiness here. In that context, will the action of the servant seem unreasonable or unworthy? Will the moral of the story crumble?
  4. What are you listening to?

    What a soulful voice Sinatra was gifted with...
  5. Throat Chakra and Social Anxiety

    Hello Julian, fear of public speaking is quite a common fear - as mentioned by Brian. If you're not in a profession that demands public speaking, I see no reason of panic. Of course, I don't mean that you avoid it altogether, but that you approach it at your own comfortable pace. Look at it this way - as a speaker, you have to progress through growing spheres of interactions: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, local club acquaintances, strangers... to finally a gathering of strangers. There is no pressure on you to master the last sphere first. Each sphere has an embodied context that brings out natural conversations - intimate talk, fun talk, locality issues, work and deadlines and the boss, club and watercooler talk etc. Try to present yourself well within each context, but don't force yourself on the listener just because the talk is some kind of a public speaking exercise. Be natural, spontaneous, eager and accomodating - and great conversations shall follow automatically. And soon enough, without you even realizing, your vocal chords will learn to adapt their pitch and volume to the number of ears around you. And that shall be a great start. Best of luck!
  6. etc??? You mean you have more questions but prefer posters to fill them and answer anyway? Really, is this how you go about learning - by uttering "etc"?
  7. Seeing

    Can we "see" without a context and without the ability to abstract? Is not "seeing" the achieving of an operational level of transparency within a context? Does that not make "seeing" subjective? Can we ever "see through" any thing - achieve an absolute objective transparency in all its contexts? And suppose we do achieve this ability to "see through", what will then there be left to "see"?
  8. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Julian, a gaze cannot exist without an inquiry. Any inquiry is a call for order - internal or external. So, when you gaze at anything, you are seeking some kind of order - whether you are conscious of it or not. Thus, it cannot happen that you gaze and not inquire. Inquiry comes in two flavors - active and passive. An active inquiry is when the source of that inquiry is the subject, i.e. you (solving a maths problem, trying to reach somewhere in time, trying to figure out ways to save life in a hostile situation etc). And a passive inquiry, subjective in nature, is when the source of that inquiry is the object of your gaze (an apple falls down a tree - Newton sees gravity, a hungry man sees food, a painter sees light and colors, a Capitalist sees profit, and Nature sees seeds); it is quite similar to the concept of Involuntary Memory that Proust saw in a trivial cookie. So, you need to study the nature of the inquiry that gets activated when you gaze a woman or any object that stimulates your senses. That inquiry seeks order. How? That is upto you. But the refinement of your action is hidden in the depth of that inquiry.
  9. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Sometimes you need to go deeper and deeper despite all the negative signs that your conscious mind wools over. It justifies you that there is no reason to look further, but there is a particular grace that is missing. In that case, you need a controlled threshold to eject you out of the orbit of your conscious realm. And you need to pass through a couple of such orbits before any substantial grace is attained. It's like a journey in the underworld. But the risky proposition is that unless you have a sound mechanism that stabilizes you back in your routine orbit, you will not be able to return. So, you have to be careful when to apply what mechanism.
  10. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    No matter how many sophisticated concepts, rational labels, and health bulletins you bolt on the door of your conscious mind, it will give in to even a slight knock from your deep dark chamber - if that knock ever does come. That is the nature of your fickle mind. And that submerged part of your existence is impenetrable to logic, or sentimentality, or angst, or even prayer. In short, your mind cannot win it over. And let me tell you something from personal experience - anxiety is the strongest aphrodisiac when it comes to surging that harmonal wave inside you. And anxiety is often the side-product of any creative process - I mean your whole existence looms over the uncertainity of catching hold of these miniature impulses that race inside your infinite canvas and carving them into some coherent pattern. Hardly a calming job. So, there comes a time when you need to suck in and in and in, and wait against the pressure of your exploding lungs for the alchemical salt to work upon the assembled substrate, before you can release it as a whiff of dried milk. The point of my story? Half the picture is not the full picture. Have the impulse and the will to play bothways.
  11. You can't plan all the things at the start. This is not how it works. Life is that which happens in between the plans. You start from A with a set of agenda, but when you reach B you are not the same person anymore. The things that may have appealed to you earlier may not appeal to you 'now'. You change. Your perspective changes. Your consciousess expands. I will go as far as to claim that you don't have a clue as to what your real calling is. And that is perfectly normal. These checklists are a trick by which you encounter the real 'you'. Without them, you will never start. But if you cling to them stubbornly, you will never encounter. So, pick up one goal and see where it takes you.
  12. There is no real benefit in shortchanging your body's natural mechanism to heal itself daily, to sort the messy details of the day into meaningful memories, and to tag them to the corrrect branch of your learning tree. And the most crucial of all - staging a theater of smoke and mirrors for you and you alone, where occasionally the purple-gown lady descends to blow a sprinkle of magic-dust in your pupils.
  13. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    Enlightenment by not spilling one's seed is same as enlightenment by non-action. Does it make sense to you that by not doing anything, a person will learn anything, forget enlightnement? And enlightenment, in genuine cases, is never the goal; it's the side-effect. A wave rises, a wave falls, and in between lies the movement. Have you ever thought that masturbation can be seen as a temporary castration. You become Gelding for a while. You realize if humanaity found the Gelding more productive and compliant than the Stallions, whom will the spirit find more useful to channel itself? I'm not saying that I'm right or you are wrong. All I am saying is that don't write off things so blatantly that they boomerang on your face.
  14. What are you listening to?

    Brian Eno goes hand-in-hand with spirituality, imo.
  15. Tantra, Brain and Masturbation

    You are most probably correct. I have given up on chasing after these vain, unnatural ideals to artificially jack up my potential. I'm gonna limp my way through with whatever flawed but personal clutches I have at my disposal rather than to dash clueless wearing the legs of someone else.