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  1. Placement of Taoist Altar

    for your info to arrange altar as per taoist practictioner it always must face outside door or balcony.This is the first rule.
  2. Placement of Taoist Altar

    what kind of altar are you putting up??
  3. Death and the afterlife.

    the truth is the buddhist and taoist have the same believe in many aspect also it lead to the same path.The difference is that we dont understand enough the explanation on the dharma .Sometime the dharma quote a few sentence but have thousand of meaning but we manage only to understand a few so this is where we are confused.Hope this help you understand the situation.
  4. is it possible to see chi?

    we can see once your mind is clear from all the attachment and also we can feel the qi
  5. is it possible to see chi?

    its called working energy and this energy work by itself and guide you through the whole process.Hope you can gain something from my explanation because this is related to all the universal energy.Hope my statement can enlighten you further
  6. Death and the afterlife.

    we are actually can control part of it or reduced the cause of happening if you know how but frankly speaking I would rather agree with you because it will take years or many cycle to understand it.Its quite a complicated and hard to understand because it involve karma issue.
  7. Death and the afterlife.

    yes there is heaven and hell and animal realm so it all depend on your karma which place you should go.Nope they will be reborn as different physical form but still carry with them the wisdom and merit they learn and earn on this life.
  8. Happy Ghost month!

    ya once they are fed up they will leave you in peace
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    the less attachment you have the more enlighten you got quote by myself
  10. Happy Ghost month!

    I dont think its happy ghost month.It should be hungry ghost festival month
  11. What is the best Qigong lineage to start out with?

    sorry i didnt say something from the book but all I say was from my own practice and wisdom.Nope teacher cant show all because its also depend on the limit of each person like what you say because if I am gonna teach you something that you dont understand then it will make the matter worst.So a good teacher will teach according to the student limit.Yes I agree with you that we the only one know how it feel when things is not working but a good teacher will notice you when you have a problem.Well not all are born with this ability because some of them dont even recognised your practice and your religion.So we are born to according to our karma not to the same believe and practice.Sorry to bring out the word karma.
  12. What is the best Qigong lineage to start out with?

    Well a real chi kung practioner is the one that know how to regulate the chi.So you need to understand what is the chi doing and how we can absorb the chi and regulate the chi.Well you need a master to tell you how.But thats not the case some of them are blessed with the capability or in other words its naturally having this capability but didnt realise what its but this its just a small number out of few thousand .
  13. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    Good understanding of the nature.Good point here.
  14. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    I can reduced your urge for the sex but cant avoid completely because this is part of your natural self and I term this as your karma.Well you can practice chi kung as suggest by ChiDragon and the other one is that you need to avoid all the food that can boost your urge.Well go meatless for this 2 week and also avoid onions and I beleive you can achieve this 2 week goal.Try it and let me know the result.Good luck.
  15. Become Taoist Priest?

    ok and you are right that we dont need to perform ritual to be a good taoist practioner