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    HIYA! Yes, there is really a person typing this. Or ... better yet, I'll say that there isn't so far as I can tell, a bot typing this. Don't know what a bot is though. Since I haven't yet made up a profile, I'll say that I like all the non-dual teachings that I've so far heard. At the moment, Adyashanti's teachings are my main vehicle. I live with a Buddhist group in Thailand called Santi Asoke. I'm about to leave the group, after two years. Spent four years with them from 2000 to 2004. I'm really interested in opening a spiritual center here in Thailand to have non-dual teachers come to teach. In looking for people here in Thailand who are familiar with Adyashanti, I came across a posting in this website that interests me. I want to add to the discussion, and PM a couple of people. I eat mostly raw foods. I saw someone, I think a moderator, say in their interests that their interested in veganism and raw foodism. Same here. Troy.