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  1. I'm new here :)

    Hi, I'm 28, male. I'm from Europe. I value the work (teachings) of Osho and his meditations (I have practiced gourishankar mainly). I have also used other techniques that influence subconscious through mind and through body like EFT, rebirthing, non-hypnoitic (meditative) "past life therapy", microkinesitherapy, craniosacral therapy. Most of them I got to know in the last 3 years because of my struggles. Although I was interested in spirituality , Osho and knew his meditations for years , and I used past life regression for some time before that. I'm currently studying Barcelli's TRE which is promising in my case. I joined this forum because I value the possibility of discussing spiritual practice under the tao concept which merges all the related subjects beautifully. Excuse my english.