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  1. "Trip" Report

    Thank you my friend it looks like Tai Chi..........
  2. "Trip" Report

    Thank you, can you please describe what is alchemical practice and how does one practice it?
  3. "Trip" Report

    Hey guys I'm Back! Well, what crazy days I have been going trough. Its now 16 (112 days) weeks since i have last ejaculated, watched porn, had sex or masterbated - The longest in my life! I think that if i maintain this until the end of 2014 all go my objectives will be fulfilled - but I REALLY want to cum -like never before. Silly question, but if one masterbate then consume the sperm will its still be retrained in the body or there won't be any effect? And yes I feel and look like my avatar now - silver back all the way!! Best Regards to all, T
  4. "Trip" Report

    Thanks Julian, You certainly know what you are talking about. From now on I will not beat myself up for sharing energy with females - I think its natural, but I will seriously look into Tantric Sex and retention: Could you recommend proffesional and reliable books / sources? You retain for 90 days - what next? emit and redo? How long can one go whist remaining healthy? I have never managed to pass the 50 days mark as I'm sexually active - but you know what, last night was a good lesson for me, and I wrote my post whilst "down" on purpose..... This is a journey for me, thereforeI deleted my online dating account and immediately dropped 5-7 girls I had on my phone and told them them goodbey no more ! So now I will look for the " One " - time to settle down I think. I dont know if Tao Bums is the right forum for me to write these adventures, but I feel that via spiritual /physical retention "invented" by Taoist I have become more enlightened and connected to my instincts. One more thing, I don't think its about ejaculating that made me feel bad, its the lack of emotional connection to these, sorry to say, bitches. Good night, T " The spiritual process is not a path of perfection but one of incremental progress and hopefully at some point even the idea of progress is removed " * Very nice, is this from a book / teacher or your own original tought?
  5. "Trip" Report

    Care to elaborate and share your wisdom of the correct ways or suggestions? Thanks Much easier said then done!
  6. "Trip" Report

    Thanks Julian, I guess for me its back to day 0. Just met an 18yo off a dating site...........3 hours later she is jumping on me in my bed.....Most men would be happy, but I am not. My essential life force was emitted twice....Its crazy how depressed I got, brought me to tears actually....Casual sex is shit....That is my epiphany. Maybe I am over exaggerating but, how can one retain if practising sex with many partners, or with a GF? Are you single? What is the take of Tao on sex, should u emit or not? Can you still get strong by not masturbating but having lots of sex? Too many insecure questions, i know, but im still learning, 1 year ago i would feel "The Man" for having a quickie, but today is just empty phisical need, feel good don't get me wrong, especially when she is 18!!! I guess it all part of the learning experience - But i will delete my account on the dating site - Lovvo - only casual sex - had around 15 girls..........If thats your things guys go for it.. Tak care T
  7. "Trip" Report

    First of all thank you for taking the time to craft an intelligent and well structured post. I do take all ideas and wisdom from other people in order to continuously grow as a person - I use the " new profound" wisdom to grow my business, and I think that confidence is key to start a new venture and attract clients. I am not young in the sense of age nor sexual experience ( I am 31), i just think that by preventing yourself of doing something, you can become much stronger. How long have you been in the process, if?
  8. "Trip" Report

    Why don't you retain for few weeks and then tell us how you feel. I wasn't arrogant over you or anybody, i was referring to the girls and how suddenly, the battle of sexes has changed, and for once, me the guy, was ins control as I didn't want sex due to my retention. This girls flipped and they found me more attractive as I was different than most men and my conversations where not only about getting them to bed - this put you in a stronger situation as you are not perceived as needy or chasing after her... If you feel like scum or below me, you have a problem, not me. You are totally right - its about calmness and unity. What I feel when retaining is being ALPHA all the time - at the supermarket, at work, on the bus, everywhere.... You feel strong and somehow everybody look weak.....Sorry for saying that.
  9. "Trip" Report

    Hi Guys, So let me give you an update...... Since the abode i have had a couple of problems in life, hence " rewarded" myself with ejaculation - Greatly regretted after ! During sex with 3-4 various girls, didn't practise Tantric but quickly came......Not good my friends. Two weeks ago I said, enough is enough, so now my goal is until 1/01/2014 is to retain everything plus, no porn, no masturbation and during sex no cum. Sorry for being so explicit, I am getting to a point. I think that retention is not only a physical thing but also emotional, control, self esteem and courage to be different then the rest and challenge yourself against natural urges. Nice weekend to all. T
  10. "Trip" Report

    Admin: Is it please possible to move this post to the General Discusion area of the site? I don't feel like this is analysis is suitable to be at the Taoist Disscusion. Thanks in advance Tom
  11. "Trip" Report

    Ok will make it short. Last night 1 hour sex no ejaculation - Amazing feeling of spirituality, natural "high" and a feeling of superiority and enlightenment.... 12 hours later the "high" is still present - This is Tao energy my friends the essence of life the feeling of living! Tom
  12. "Trip" Report

    Hello ladies and gentleman:) So I have been retaining semen for around 40 days – expect of one release during sex a week ago! A mistake not to be repeated soon! As well – No masturbation nor watching/reading ANY form of Porn/ Sexual content . I feel healthy and regrets for not finding this method YEARS ago…The benefit is not only sexual/macular…. Lets start with the opposite sex: I now date around 5-10 girls all together…but don’t sleep with any of them… Mental: Strong like never been before Gym: Much more power Emotional: Much more balance Social and sense of humor and increased, sense of well being and concentration. I would suggest that to all my friends. Would like to hear your feedbacks and hear from people gaining benefits as well. I know that this subject is controversial and some ppl may say that all benefits have a “placebo” effect or such, so what ever is your opinion if you don’t believe in this route or think it has negative or minor gains please do not reply. I would like to hear from ppl who have gained positive things in their life and have benefited/transform their life from retention, its not that I am narrow minded or don’t want to hear about the other side of the coin/other arguments…I just prefer to hear the good things and not let criticism or doubts influence my development in any way (knowledge/psychological etc - lets dot that later!! )) Thank you in advance! Tom
  13. Introduction

    Dear Friends, I kindly would like to introduce myself and join your interesting forum. I'm Tomer living in Europe but originally from Israel. I have arrived to this forum whilst searching for information about Tao sperm retention and the physical, emotional and philosophical benefits associated. I would be very happy to learn more about this topics, share my experiences and read about other people who have gone my way and explored life changing ideas. Thank you for your support and looking forward to "meet" you all!! Best, Tomer