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  1. J Krishnamurti

    I was wondering what you guys' thoughts are on this incredible spiritual teacher. Why do you think he was so opposed to any suggestion of yoga and esoteric energy practice, only speaking about pure insight, pure action as the steps on the spiritual path. Yet surely he knew about kundalini and such and had experienced kundalini awakening as is suggested by his personal accounts of his experiences as well as that of others. Was it because he just had an extremely developed mind power or something? As Osho pointed out he suffered from a headache his whole life, lol. He didn't seem to think that something like qigong or yoga could make the slightest difference in the fate of humanity.
  2. Should spirits have people's rights?

    I'm not too sure what you mean by 'right'. There's no government or legal system in the spirit world, spirits are just a part of nature. Do deer and the like have the right to peacefully drink water from ponds without being harrassed by alligators? I think ultimately morality or ethics comes down to your energy and your energetic relation to the rest of life, not logically deduced conclusions.
  3. A Path To Enlightenment

    Hi Dawg, What are your views regarding meditation with a technique, ie watching the breath, mindful walking etc as opposed to just sitting silently and not trying to do anything in particular? What is the role of effort or determination in meditation? Thanks.
  4. Environmental Books

    Thanks PFL. I was thinking just an overview type work covering things like climate change, technological progress, basic stuff on ecosystems and the impact humans have on them etc. The Karliner book looks very interesting.
  5. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    Sorry to come off a bit rude but we all need to really just grow up. It's very immature to pretend like we're victimized by porn, as grown men there is absolutely no excuse. What you need to do first is start exposing yourself to some good influences. Read some good literature on the subject - you can look up some of Osho's stuff regarding pornography and ways of dealing with sexual energy, also DH Lawrence has an essay called 'Pornography and Obscenity' (although this might be hard to find, unless they have it free on the internet) which fortunately I got to read early in my youth. A basic awareness exercise that might help is to just be aware of how your mind interacts with your sex center/organs. Whenever you start feeling the pull of lust notice how your mind begins provoking, working up the sexual steam. Look into the possibility of just leaving your sex alone, letting that energy circulate there in your lower body by itself without digging into it with your head, mental images/fantasies. When your just minding your own business and then all of a sudden some enticing image or sight hits you, and you feel yourself come alive down there, just let it be and let that energy come and go on its own. This is the first step to dealing with your sex as a grown person, don't go running off with the slightest temptation and also don't make such a fuss about fighting with it. As DH Lawrence said our sex energy is like a kind of sunlight in our life, learn to just feel and be with its warmth and presence. The truth is there is nothing natural or healthy about the constant self-stimulation whether mental or physical that society is always inviting us to indulge in. When you learn to leave yourself alone more you will find that a wholesome quality starts developing in your life, you're not so torn this way and that by the hunger for sensation, you feel stronger and more collected. This is how it should normally be. It's not about how long you can 'save up' for, how many days you can go, there just comes a point where jacking off is not really a part of your life anymore, like for regular people they don't think about how long it's going to be before they start using again or binge eating again.
  6. Environmental Books

    So I would like to learn more about what's happening to our environment nowadays but it seems like there's so much contention and dispute regarding the reliability and integrity of a lot of the popular books on the subject. Do you guys know of any decent environmental books for the scientifically uneducated or is it better to just try and learn the science and do research yourself?
  7. Vegetarianism and Cultivation

    I think Osho has the best bit on the use of vegetarianism in spiritual development: I think if one is adept enough in one's qigong/energy practice, lives in a good environment and is wise in lifestyle a vegetarian or vegan diet would be ideal, however for the majority of people vegetarianism or veganism is rather dangerous as it makes you much more prone to nutritional deficiencies and TCM doctors are often against it.
  8. Hello everyone

    Michael Winn is also worth a look, he co-wrote many of the books with Mantak Chia. He's got some fascinating blog posts.
  9. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Well about that power stuff, from what I understand I think the deeper you go the more paradoxical this power thing will get. As the Taoists say, water is the most powerful thing on earth, yet it is also the most yielding, the most will-less, and indeed therein lies its power. Surely, true power grows the more we are able to let go, be nothing.
  10. Taoist authors

    I think it's always good to go back to Osho, his published and online teachings have guidance pretty much on everything you could ever care about.
  11. Hello All

    Hi everybody, I'm a college student without much real experience with qigong, although I was exposed to it at a very early age when my dad took me to a qigong master?(or maybe just practitioner) when I was around 8 because of some depression/insomnia problems I was having. I initially started out pretty intellectually oriented, reading literature and literary criticism and the like but then I came across DH Lawrence, who seems to be one of the first really significant mystics in the modern West, and that led me to look much more into all the old esoteric traditions. There's a lot of super exciting knowledge on here, seems like we are entering into some kind of new era in terms of what people are waking up to again.
  12. My introduction

    Wow that's a crazy story. I grew up in HK as well but now I go to college in the States. I go back to HK on the holidays though.