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  1. Does anyone here know what the difference is between Kundalini and MCO? They both send energy up the spine. I've been working to store chi in the lower dan tien but during the day I have ecstatic surges of energy rush up my spine, straight to the crown. These rushes happen when deep feelings of connection and purpose occur. For example, the other day I was at a court hearing and saw this young guy get sentenced to 40 years in prison. I was then overwhelmed by a feeling that people in society need inspiration. Every time a thought would hit me about how to do that, why it should be done, how to inspire people, etc. I would immediately get that ecstatic rush. If I think about doing something I'm genuinely passionate about or sometime that is meaningful to me at a deep level, those same rushes will hit me. Imagine if something amazing happened at a stadium and suddenly the whole crowd jumped up and roared in applause. Or imagine countless numbers of people roaring before a battle. That is sort of what it feels like. The only thing that worries me is that since my goal is to store energy in naval chakra, I want to avoid "spending" it so to speak. So if the energy is leaving the dan tien and creating a rush, then I would prefer to avoid that. However, if it's kundalini or something else that has no affect on energy storage in the lower dan tien, then I'm all in. Any thoughts?
  2. Kundalini vs Microcosmic Orbit

    I certainly hope this is the case. The other day I was paying very close attention while it was shooting up my spine and it did feel very much like a yo-yo. Do you have any sources with more info/details?
  3. Kundalini vs Microcosmic Orbit

    How does the energy know to return to the naval instead of some other dan tien or chakra?
  4. Kundalini vs Microcosmic Orbit

    One thing I've noticed is that it starts at the base of the spine. Sometimes this area will get really hot when a lot of surges are happening in a row. It feels like a cool electricity shooting up the spine and hitting certain points in my back where knots up a little. It reaches various different levels during different occasions. Sometimes it goes all the way to the crown and my whole body feels supercharged and ecstatic. This started happening after several ego death experiences on LSD. I've read that kundalini can awaken this way and the symptoms seem strikingly similar to what I've read about it. I'm hoping this is the case and I'm not circulating dan tien energy up the spine/through MCO. To store the chi, I put my awareness at the naval while breathing slowly. This is also done in a meditative state so that I'm able to maintain laser focus. At first I couldn't feel much and just hoped chi was being stored there but I now feel a "knot" in the area that intensifies during an inhale. It tends to heat up during intense, prolonged focus as well. I am unable to train within 72 hours of an orgasm so that makes my "per day" average a little inconsistent. Sometimes I do multiple hours per day and other times I go a week without training at all (fucking wet dreams! ). I've been training as much as possible since the beginning of this year though and recently hit 70 logged hours. I really hope so. Do you think there is a chance it is leaving the navel and circulating to other areas? Something is definitely surging up my spine. I haven't really noticed much decrease in the energy I do have so I think it's probably ok. I do know that Microcosmic Orbit and LDT training are not compatible since you don't want the stored energy to leave the dan tien and enter an orbit. I honestly have no clue how kundalini enters the picture though. Is it simply an energy form that uses your chi in a certain way? Or perhaps it's something else entirely that does not affect chi storage at all? Pretty much in the dark...
  5. The Cool Picture Thread

    "Buddhism is basically just Hinduism stripped for export." -Alan Watts
  6. 2016 us election

    If Trump wins the presidency then there's a good chance he'll get assassinated. He'd better take some serious security measures while in office (if he wins, which I hope he does).
  7. Now that the lie of Christ Mass is over

    Well you see, you are using your reasoning skills. When people are emotionally envolved in a religion, they tend to abandon critical thinking. Sorry, but science isn't a religion. LOL! I know a little girl just like that. Can't stand being around her. It drives me nuts how people continuously cater to her annoyingly selfish, demanding, and narcissistic personality.
  8. What are you watching on Youtube?
  9. The world we see is completely internal. It's a simulation created by the brain from the sensory stimulation it receives. So the "external" reality that we live in does not look, sound, smell, taste, or feel like anything. It's a field of information. Does this mean that we live in the matrix?
  10. Moderation on TDBs

    This seems like a valid reason. If you own a forum and someone is disturbing the peace then kick them out. However, why not just be honest about this reason from the start? Tell MPG that you he simply isn't fitting in and you'd appreciate it if he left. If he continued the same behavior then issue a ban. That's similar to the way I run the Neigong Forum. I'm open to any opinion as long as it is defended rationally. People who repeatedly post ridiculous non-sense without backing up their claims with evidence and logic are asked to step their behavior. If they continue then we ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave and continue the same behavior as before then they are suspended for trolling. If they come back and continue the trolling then they given a longer suspension. A further infraction upon return will result in a ban. Seems fair enough to me. So why invent false rule violations? Why not just handle it honestly? Speaking of disturbing the peace, I try my best to avoid doing that here. I just think this whole ordeal could have played over more smoothly if it had been handled in an honest and straight-forward manor. Cheers! -Ken
  11. The Taoist Warrior

    Yeah I liked your signature better with the graphics.
  12. Do we live in the matrix?

    Of course. What else is a simulation supposed to feel like? I mean an abstract field of information that consciousness interprets into an experience. Mind is the result. The brain is the root cause. So physical brain then.
  13. The Taoist Warrior

    What about...?
  14. Huge problem, please offer advice

    Why are your wages low? Perhaps you should work harder to build a business or get a higher paying job as a skilled worker. If you have technical skills then look for work on The road to independence can be difficult but it's not a lost cause. You just need hard work and determination. If you really want sex then get a happy ending massage. They aren't very expensive.
  15. Do you have a blog or a website?

    I'm interested. Just started a Qigong community that I'm attempting to get off the ground. Some cross-pollination sounds awesome! Email sent.
  16. The Energy Cultivator's Handbook

    @Infolad1 You have the longest forum posts I've ever seen.
  17. Moderation on TDBs

    Yes, but let me hear you say it anyway so I can quote the post.
  18. Moderation on TDBs

    There's nothing wrong with a tightly moderated community. It's ok for a Christian forum to ban atheists who are against the grain of the community. This is Sean's site. So if he says that the Mo Pai group doesn't create the sort of community that he wants then I see no problem with him kicking us out. He has the right to do that. But it's different when members who do not own the site, work their way into moderator positions and then bend the rules to ban the people who disagree with them.
  19. Moderation on TDBs

    Sums things up how? It's a forum for serious neigong/mopai enthusiasts who value objective evidence and critical thinking to back up their practices. People who demonstrate a lack of critical thinking skills or disregard the need for evidence are asked to leave. I don't like having to do this but I really don't see any other option. If the forum isn't moderated in this way then it will turn into a different sort of community than we have in mind. That's the main reason I started the Qigong Forum. I want to have another similar community where everyone is welcome. That way if someone doesn't fit in at the Neigong Forum then they have another place they can go. I've also designed the site to fit the interests of most people in the spiritual community better.
  20. Moderation on TDBs

    So what you are saying is that MPG fed lines to me, which I posted, and then he immediately replied to them on MPD? How about... I expressed my opinion and then MPG (who follows these threads) posted his opinion on MPD?
  21. mopai

    If I am not mistaken level 2b is only done in a seated meditation. It's like level one. Maybe he did make it to 2b. All I know about Kosta is that he made it to level 2. I'm not sure which stage of level 2 that was.
  22. mopai

    That might be level 2b you are talking about. I'm not entirely sure.
  23. mopai

    I'm not entirely sure but this is what I've always understood to be the case.
  24. Moderation on TDBs

    A lot of your posts are very similar to Brian's. Are you Brian's puppet? Or perhaps Brian is your puppet?
  25. Moderation on TDBs

    I know that the majority here does not believe that the moderation on TDBs is biased but please consider this. Back a couple years ago I posted something in a Stillness Movement thread. It wasn't a direct, personal insult or anything. It was a joke about SM. I forget exactly what I said but it was something like... "Will any prostate massages be given?". There was some sort of video we had seen where Lomax was doing some sort of treatment on a student and at one point it looked like a prostate massage. It was pretty funny to be honest. It was tossed around on Mo Pai Debate a lot as a joke. Well, anyway I posted that joke in a SM thread and was immediately PMed by like two mods telling me to edit the post ASAP. Brian, who was a mod at the time (is he still?), quickly told me in the thread to change the post or I'd get suspended. Ok, so perhaps I was in the wrong on that one. Posting a crude joke like that in a serious thread about a SM seminar wasn't really appropriate. But here's the catch. If people post the same kind of stuff in a Mo Pai thread then no one seems to care. People can throw around jokes about wires up the ass, tell people to ignore us since we're ignorant, etc. and no one bats an eye. Is this not a double standard? Neikung should have received the same sort of fast rebuke that I did in the SM thread. He should have been told that his post was inappropriate like I was. Then he should have been told to remove the insult like I was. Finally, if he refused to edit his post then he should be suspended like I would have been had I not cooperated.