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  1. I've been looking for something like this for a while and here is my question: I practice vipassana, I started learning about the microcosmic orbit and qi and taoism before that. Should vipassana be used along with the microcosmic orbit?
  2. Hello everyone

    Thank you for the book. I thoroughly relate to slight success.
  3. Hello from darkstar

    Hello Darkstar good luck to you.
  4. Hai Hai

    I just joined after having lurked, Hello my fellow lurkers. How're you guys today? If I may inquire what got you interested in Taoism and concepts related to it?
  5. Hi

    Hi from someone else new here. what brought you here?
  6. Is it strange?

    This is absolutely lovely to see so many people that know about the Tao. Without words novices like myself would not learn the simplest of things. It's necessary in the beginning at least. After some manner of experience has been reached words become different, they're still needed to communicate and such but the experience at a certain point isn't one that can be spoken about to others.
  7. Hello everyone

    So I recently found an interest in meditation and Taoism. I needed to relax and I found myself learning about Taoism, through Mantak Chia. I want to learn as much as I can about this and joined due to my wanting to get advice on the basics at the very least, from my betters here. Hello everyone, I welcome the chance to learn and make new friends interested in this . I look forward to talking to you all.