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  1. Is there ever an end of individual consciousness?

    Existence without desire, stillness and silence without struggle--then there is no forward or back. No cycle to chase--no worry or dispare. Becoming all is complex and simple. Hard and easy. Fill yourself with emptiness and walk from your heart. Star
  2. Hello from darkstar

    Having just moved up from Hayward, CA. I have to say heat is unbearable. >:/ Looking to learn more about Tao and to find community to integrate into. Live in South Sacramento near Elk Grove area. Would appreciate any help I can get. I'm 65 year old female, retired. Artist, doll maker, air brush artist, short story writer and poet. I'm originally from Basque/Apache/Mexican heritage. I know Tai Chi Yang style. But haven't practiced it for many decades. Learning some Qi Gong right now. Star Urioste (my real name, many people ask me that)