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  1. Addiction

    Consider reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles DuhiggI agree with Kumachan, get some help and you will progress much faster I have never been addicted so what do I know other than seeing it destroy two members of my family? One has now merged with the sea of the Tao and at peace. . the other sober now 3 plus years. . after over 40 years of addiction. . he had intervention and lives and now helps run a half way house. That would be my brother
  2. Addiction

    Hello Addiction Habits are hard to break. My understanding is there is a stimulus that will present itself and lives in you .. this stimulus can pop up anytime unexpectedly by an event, a vision, anything. . this creates an action on your part that leads to an outcome. When drugs or alcohol are involved or sex and anything that becomes the action it leads to the final goal of the action. Simple as it seems . . stimulus to action to goal. . the stimulus is always in you and will never go away and is triggered anytime by any situation. . however the good news is that the action you take can be changed. . for instance instead of alcohol or pill. . try reaching out to a non addicted friend. . or go to this forum. . or change to action of your choice that is healthy and good for your life. . .then the final goal will be different and much more for-filling in your life. . the more you practice the changing of the action produced by the stimulus the easier it becomes. . and the final goal is pura vida or pure life as described by the Ticas of Costa Rica. . Ticas are called simply 'happy people' and love all. They attain their goal by living pure. . I hope this helps. . never be afraid to ask for help I have found balance in all things is the key to my life. . .
  3. Do, Re, Mi...?

    Hello Mewz I too have been searching for answers other than I can see. I just found this forum so am on the path with you in re awaking my deepest spirituality. . we all search and find. . is or was it not said seek and ye shall find? I am not religious in nature and understand spirituality is a totally different thing. I believe as you I am on the right path in my life and hoping this forum will help
  4. Hello from Perfect Egg

    Thank you Uroboros You are the first to welcome me. I feel I am on the right path so will follow. . Peace back to you
  5. Hello from Perfect Egg

    Hello to all from Perfect Egg. . .I have never participated in a forum so learning to do this. . like life I will figure it out. . .I thank you all for inviting me to participate. . .I will have to learn the website to update myself and information. . I have read some of the postings and believe this is where I belong right now. . to me balance in life is the key to my past Qi All you need is love