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  1. Addiction

    Really glad to have come across this thread! I am a new member too, and I am also an addict... though alcohol isn't the thing... I used to see an acupuncturist who introduced me to Zhuan Falun and I used to do those set of exercises and visit him pretty often... I was in a rehab last summer, so I know how it feels like "thinking about it again" ... NO WAY. I think we have enough brain power, (and speaking of brain power: Nootropics!!!) to help ourselves... and online communities really are the most informative and the best. I'm also tired of living like this, 23 years old, and never even have lived alone or moved out yet, constantly spending money on stupid things, and the desire to learn new skills or things aren't there. I just got off anti depressants last month though too, but I'm still on an anxiety med... that I want to run away from so bad and can't. I'd love to keep up with this, I gotta force myself to begin doing Qigong again. Today is Sunday and I never wake up real early on Sundays, yet here I am for the first time in a long time sitting and reading random things and researching the net instead of being out there "baking" ... that alone makes me feel kinda good inside. I'll consider my intro thread here, heh... hope I don't forget to check back here. I have memory issues to improve and plenty more... yada yada... Welcome J and glad to see we are not alone!