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  1. Do, Re, Mi...?

    Thanks for the tips!
  2. Addiction

    Great job, Rez! Celebrate every step on your path.
  3. Do, Re, Mi...?

    Thank you, Chang
  4. Do, Re, Mi...?

    I am a complete beginner to the Tao. I just downloaded Stephen Mitchell's translation, and am simply starting to read and absorb. Any advice on reading and learning the Tao would be most appreciated. In my younger days I was a spiritual seeker and then after a series of lousy experiences with spiritual and religious organizations I drifted away from the notion of believing in anything beyond that which I can observe. I suppose I became somewhat of a "spiritual atheist" if you will. But I have come to realize that there is something to the "not there" world that draws me to find a greater sense of wholeness. So, here I am, putting one proverbial foot in front of the other just to see what happens.
  5. Hello from Hong Kong!

    I would enjoy hearing of your recent spiritual experience that cured your depression.
  6. Addiction

    Rez, I really have to agree with the advice to get professional, medical help right now. Today. Online communities such as this one are awesome for support and thought, and are an integral part of the process of healing and becoming your true self, but they really are no substitute for face-to-face, person-to-person help. Wishing you peace.
  7. This part of your post stood out for me. Is there something specific you are going through right now that you are trying to "ignore" (for lack of a better term) by examining the Whole of Existence?
  8. Hi, my name's Daniel and I'm an alcoholic...

    Well, whatdaya know! I AM a woman and I have trouble getting into my pants!