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  1. I guess anyone becoming a public figure has to live with a certain amount of controversy. I have watched many Mantak videos on the web. I could not care less if he is morally not up to Confucian standards. His explanations are straight forward and he seems quiet enough that I can learn something from him. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of a diagram which in my ignorance I suppose is a sort of esoteric chart explaining the cycle of Water as a metaphor for the right way to live. Yes when he speaks of sexuality it does seem too outlandish and extreme to me. But at 43 years of age I know better than to obsess over something and everything else goes out the window. My personal affinity in the sexual field and which I highly recommend, is the Bygan Bahirav Tantra as explained by Osho in "The Book of Secrets." I have been an enthusiast since my youth, but really I can only say that I have proper Stances and increasing Vigilance. It feels way too early for me to get alchemical.
  2. Meeting of Confucius and Old Tan in the Chuang-tzu

    I have copies of the Lao Tzu, in an attempt to begin a comparative study. However, I have yet to read the Chuang Tzu. I have of course read quotes and I find it interesting that you find an idiosyncrasy in the text. Would you also call it a philosophy? In what little knowledge I have, the man was as outspoken as it gets and no cunningness could pin him down. All discussion is arguably academic. For my part I am loving this thread. May the Stars shine upon the Way.
  3. Vivid dreams?

    I am just now begining to study the works of Carl Jung. If you read his book "Dreams", I am sure you will discover immense value in it. Cheers!
  4. Reliable magic spell sites

    Well in my humble opinion, you can order a book by Scott Cunningham, titled Wicca. I lost my copy and miss it dearly. Highly recommend it.
  5. There is nothing to relinquish. And no thing is stuck. I was watching the film ONE, where Robert Thurman the first American to be Ordained in Tibet says, "This is it. This is Nirvana. Only we are really bad at enjoying it." Obviously I am only a Qi Gong student myself, and I thank you for this discussion.
  6. Is it strange?

    True enough Artvaughan! And I´m kind of glad one of the teachers here can´t reach out and whack me with a stick for my obtuseness.. Though I would like to relate an awesome and unprecedent thing that happened to me the day after I signed up to the site. I had contacted Master T. Dunn, and he pointed me to this site. The next miorning while driving to work, and I´m sure it was him, he started tikling me in the Dan Tien and then began poking me, that I had to sparr against it!. I will never forget it! Cheers
  7. Masterless Student.

    Hi David, given that you are prone to reading, may I suggest the books by Carlos Castaneda. I am sure you will find them compatible with your previous learning, and the will provide you with the vigilance and protection you seek. Cheers.
  8. As of yet, I have experienced nothing of the sort. Keep us posted on how it goes!
  9. The Natural Bliss of Being

    Congratulations! What a great feeling that must be and continued success to you on The Way!
  10. Addiction

    Hello there again Rezonator. It occurred to me, one other thing which is great to try, if you find the will, is to begin a therapeutic diary. A notebook with your thoughts, feelings, experiences, drawings and diagrams of your path. It works wonders! All the best Rez
  11. New Here... Kieran Addict...

    Hi! I don´t pretend to be obtuse or aything. As a quite knowable 12 step Progream,which I teach at menthal healthe centrer, and as a Chen (Zen) adept, I see them totally compaible. The 8 fold path, the 12 steps... keep touch to see how things are going, cheers, foorprint
  12. I have learned quite bit from Manrak Chia. I thing smething similar happens with Deepak Chopra, just because they became succselfull and rich, people discretid them.
  13. Hello from another Newbie

    HAave not read this bok, will keep in mid. cheers.
  14. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Geetings, as you follow The path!
  15. Hello from Perfect Egg

    Welcome Tao friend!