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  1. yea maybe thats it and i am eating too late into the night. Causing gas to build up in my stomach by the morning becauseof overnight digestion. Ill experiment and see what happens
  2. Just a question
  3. Just a question

    Very interesting you guys thanks for the input, but what about samanthabhadra and his "penetrating wisdom". attempts at enlightening one self through the right transfer of that sexual energy up the spine to the higher realms. Isn't tantric sex just a tool to help u reach a better mastery of the kundalini?
  4. Just a question

    If an adolescent (male) say, finds out about sex early on and starts masturbating till orgasm by the age of 6 or 7, but doesn't actually have a physical ejaculation until 13 or 14. Are all his orgasms before then considered sort of tantric in origin ? You know because of the orgasm with no ejac, or does that always have to involve seminal fluid traveling up the spinal cord for a male. Just curious. speakin hypothetically people.
  5. Check it out guys, I recently resumed more daily practice a couple months ago, I basically took a year off because mid last year was when I subsided for one reason or another. All my energetic doorways were closed and it took a couple weeks to even be able to meditate down to a depth that I know I'm capable of. Because of some personal problems in a relationship iron crotch qi gong was one of the things that lead me back to practice, when I was meditating daily last year I felt my LTD (Lower tan dien) was essentially a "hot stove" functioning very well, It made my mostly life long constipation problems dissipate, in fact these only returned within about a month or 2 after when I stopped meditation. But when I was meditating then I could for example enter horse stance and focus on expanding the energy in my core so much so that in no time my whole body would be covered in a dripping sweat and it would look like I just got through running a whole mile in under 8 minutes though I hadn't made a move at all(stillness). Now after resuming practice, I feel My core is more open then ever I do not know the specific difference between your sacral/naval chakra and your tan dein and LTD but what I can say about iron crotch qi gong is some of the moves are very specifically core refining and conditioning. From general hand on stomach moves all the way up to even the slight ball pounding which shouldn't hurt but only help you to bring that awareness back to your core. None the less, now my core is back where it use to be or better, and I can focus down and expand my core energy to the point where I'm 'REALLY' dripping with sweat and hot, I take cold showers daily and so repeatedly put it to the test (especially during seated meditation on the shower floor.) It feels great to be able to breath this deep and properly again. But please someone answer THIS QUESTION for me, even b4 when I was meditating daily last year I would awake in the morning with my stomach so bloated trying to breath down to my core too quickly would start to put stress my shoulders. It would stop eventually, I just would have to deep breath as much as I could to gradually belch it all up. My morning meditation would take care of this, and now its the same situation since I have resumed. Can someone tell me why my stomach is so bloated upon me waking up in the morning it really makes my core feel blocked off breath wise until I can burp it all up, it just takes time to send the breath to it but afterwards my core feels just fine again. any answer is great thanks all,
  6. For mastering that part of the body iron penis qi gong was one of the greatest things I could have stumbled on, it has done wonders for my lower TD after 2 months I can say the constipation I had on and off again for a very very long while b4 that has subsided. When I'm meditating and focusing on this point now, say in horse stance with hands over my LTD I can expand the energy enough to a point where my whole body is engulfed in dripping sweat, looking like I just ran a mile in 6 minutes, all while standing still (not even moving!) so check that out. Personally I have a feeling I'm only beginning to unleash the true deep and limitless power that is a well balanced LTD.
  7. Thanks man! That makes perfect sense thanks for the solfeego tip I have a place to start a lil research now.
  8. So kinda early on in life I figured out my purpose here is to help people. I'm soon to get my reiki certificate I love energy work and I go as far as to call myself a philosophical Taoist, tho I grab at diffrent strengths from diffrent religions as long as they are benovelent benifical to the greater good and properly help guide me as a thread through the eye hole of the way. I'm 18 and a lot of people my age don't think like me, having love for one another, finding contentment with limited material things, etc etc are all messages about reconnection when there is so much detatchment in the world today. Tankfully I live in the USA the leader of that detatch ment, I make concious rap music and only speak on the idealologys I hold close to my heart. Any idea for what I can do with diffrent Chakara opening tones in my music for something never really heard of that would be not just attention but soul grabbing. Basically because for the unliteralness of popular rap currently I have to create my own sub genere to grab the max universal appeal I can get. I will not setter for less then universal appeal I need to touch as many souls from diffrent backgrounds as possible. I currently I do iron groin qi gong to maintain creativity. Any other ideas for what I can do to maintain it at a good level be as creative as possible ? Gongs meditations anything will help thanks , God bless
  9. Thanks, well I live in LA,CA and I don't have very much money any ideas on teachers I can find over here?
  10. Hey been a while since I posted on here but I need some advise from my fellow Taos. I'm 18 now but I've know since my younger days about this plight that May or may not be effecting my family. Ima first generation Belizean-American, Belize is where my family has called home the last 100 - 200 years. We're good people humble noble etc other belizeans interact with us I don't know anyone with heated disdain or anything much like that.But the moment we do any thing that someone doesn't agree upon you know when we turn into the "bad guy" for various reasons, we can hear people snickering beezlebulb under there berths. Years ago I asked my g ma why was this, she said "oh justsomething that happened in ancient times" something like that no depth and changed the subject. Once I was 16 I moved high schools and I found qi gong as a God send if I ever felt less then myself and secluded it gave me the powerful feeling I needed and the will for integration. From a span a 6-8 months I went from meditating daily to weekly to monthly until I ceased maybe I fooled myself into stopping idk. Due to shit that's recently happened to me like a floating rib injury (preety bad) that I got the end of last year from getting up out of a chair, on slot of parking tickets other financial woes, sexual problems I've been having with the girl of my dreams that I have successfully been remedying with iron groin qi gong as of late and other more iotic reasons I took an oppritunity to see a phychic. She said I'm a bright person with good intentions and a very pure heart but there is always something trying to damper my glow. We spoke about my family then asked her to try to find out exactly what happened, she described ancient times to me like my g ma mentioned and a rain forest. She said a member of my family had kicked someone out of our tribe community etc for doing something dishonorable/hateful. Any way this hateful person used all his negative energy and casted a hex on my family member that excommunicated him from the community, because of his jealousy for certain ranks we had been holding there the hate was not too hard to provoke out of him. This is what I put together from what she told me anyway, but his hate was so raw and pure what ever he did became a generational curse on my family. I looked up symptoms and yea my g ma does have a 50 year old wound that heals then reopens again after sometime but this can be due to her diabetes. Also males in my family do have the tendency to die before their parents a lot nd the females in my family all had to have ceserians for their births my gma is the only one I know that had natural births. I just want to know what needs to be done to decypher this the proper way, I was looking at some possible ancestral work I could do on here maybe that is the best way to figure this out and desolve any or all blockages. I'm a music artist and creativity was feeling a bit closed off to me as of late, i want to resolve this because if doors are blocked to me I cannot attain the information from within them I need to change lives through art and Devine insite that spurs creativity. Thanks for reading all of this and giving a helpful response I know it's alot of info to take in. P.s my ancestors came to the new world on a slave ship they capsized that landed on st.Vincent island where they mixed with the natives there and created my race the garifunas, then we moved to Belize around 200 yrs later, phychic thinks the actual cursing happened there on st Vincent, sometime after their landing there. Pps.i have re introduced meditation back into my life and have no plans on letting it slip away again at all, it's probly the main reason I'm here asking all the right questions. Qi gong saves my life every time. Pss.Phychic said last time that it manifest or is a spirit and knows were attempting to remove it's work, my first tattoo was of the heart sutra mantra and I try to live daily by it's words transcendent wisdom and the power of love being known to the masses are some of what I would like to accomplish in life. I just wonder what it (spirit)maybe for words of pure light I have memorized and believe wholely to maybe cause a hindrance to it but not a complete dispersal. That is all thanks for the help in advance.
  11. Thank everyone for all the help ill tell my friend to memorize these prayers and try to improve upon himself how ever he can.
  12. I myself am a member of the Taoist sect The Way of Infinite Harmony ,T.W.I.H. Members of the sect belive in the greatness of the Taoist immortal Ma Gu who also happens to be the goddess of hemp. This is nothing new, MaGuism had existed as a sect under Taoism for thousands of years. During chinas cultural revolution tho many many members were killed and temples destroyed all but 1. Luckily the main temple of Ma Gu still exists here cannabis grows wild not acres or anything but plants do exist there and thrive despite not being taken care of by anyone . At the site you can also find Ma Gu's tomb and admire her area of meditation where she essentially found the tao. Members of this sect follow the examples and teachings of Ma Gu goddess of cannabis as understood by the stories she plays a leading role in. We see the cannabis plant as co-terminus with Ma Gu an incarnation of herself in plant form if you will. Yes we do smoke cannabis (don't cast judgement) or injest cannabis to bring us closer to the tao and true understanding. Because the first step to true illumination will always be awareness of awareness with cannabis we can step back and begin to understand what in our minds makes us who we are and what needs to happen to become who we want to be. If you've heard otherwise they or you didn't use it the right way with the right intention. Ma Gu Xian Shou is the most holy story to Members of infinite harmony. Not hard to find online give it a read. Any one wanting info on Ma Gu or the plant she's synonymous with, can message me. But for now "To follow the Way of Infinite Harmony just open your heart to Ma Gu, smoke, eat or drink the Herb of which She is co-terminus and while in this most blissful and sacred state the Gate to the Mystery of Mysteries can open." Ma Gu Xian Shou
  13. Hello. Family

    I thought I should introduce myself more to the community.Sorry for the long winded first post. I love Taoism I originally found it sometime last year as a beautiful way of thinking that complemented my quantum qi gong nicely. I was born Christian but from early on I knew that was not the religion for me I've read many bible verses over the years but I never new the amount of pure beautiful energy that words can emit when only being read until I myself was introduced to the Tao Te Ching some passages brought tears to my eyes the first read. Pure love with the attempt not to guide like many other religions but only to spark thoughts to help you along your own true path. Today I usally call myself a phylisophycal Taoist I love the teachings And the simplicity of the way once you begin to attempt to grasp it..I have a voice. Im a young rap/hip-hop artist with increasingly growing buzz in my area. As I become more balanced and illuminated everyday, my music follows. When people hear my songs and free mind I hope they themselves become inspired and start their own search for what ever it may take for them to find their own true selves.
  14. Well I have a friend I use to be close with who since has moved a couple counties away from me. We have not been as close the last two years because of this x school x responsibilities ( the speed of the life we all are living currently). Anyway he posted on fb talking about using a mr.ouija, I commented saying the intention of those things are iffy and that's being curtious. After, I immediately messaged him to have a more private conversation about his well being since using the board. He told me for the past month since using it weird things had been happening at a slowly increasing rate. He describe to me the feelings of being watched in his home stepping out the shower and sometimes something standing over him while he's trying to sleep. I don't remember my friend being the most spiritually intact or faithful person when we use to hang out. I assume he was playing with the wegi expecting nothing greatly underestimating its "power" if u will. Any way I sent him pictures of exorcist sutras to see his reaction. Thankfully he didn't react in a violent matter which is greAt because that means they do not harbor inside him, but he did describe the atmosphere around him becoming pist off and tense at the sight of the sutras 🙌. Next after further research into the subject thanx to this site And others I found the potentness the Heart sutra has when it comes to exorcism. I made him play the chant from YouTube, say it to himself and out loud. At first he describe to me a feeling of his soul leaving his body. I made him say it again describing how he must belive in the pure clean energy of those words in order for it to work. He tried again, this time he described the presence of a violent fire surrounding him and I think he felt a little better just tired. I told him he must do this everyday for a week then two more weeks to be sure he is cleansed. 6 days in and yesterday he told me its been getting worse but was working at first. Does my friend have the faith required to exorcise himself or does he need professional help? I have another idea for him to write the sutra down word for word on paper and burn it in a bowl to drink the ashes with purified water. But I need to know if this is advisable really idk if he has anything to lose doing it. Also the demon told him his name, I WILL be saying the name here for the sake of those trying to help who might need to research, for your personal safety I would refrain from saying it out loud~~ It is~~Bel*al® ~~thanx in advance for the help.