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  1. Does anyone know of a source, in print or online, for finding Taoist mantras and sutras, especially those for particular deities? Preferably in English, but latinized Chinese would be okay, too (both would be best!). Thanks!
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    Not sure about that. I just uploaded from my computer.
  3. Help translating inscription on statue

    Thank you, ChiDragon. I am actually planning on using this for an altar. Here is something I found about Tudi Gong, see what you think: (in English). (in Chinese).
  4. Help translating inscription on statue

    Thanks, Apech, that helped a lot. I was able to find info about The Earth Land God (土地神 Tudi Shen), or simply Earth God in English. He is also called Grandfather Earth (土地公 Tudi Gong). The formal title is the Righteous Spirit of Fortune & Merit (福德正神 Fude Zhengshen). The Birthday of the Earth God (土地福德正神聖誕 Tudi Fude Zhengshen Shengdan) is observed on the 2nd day of the 2nd Chinese lunar month.
  5. Help translating inscription on statue

    Thanks, Vortex. I'm afraid I need a little more in the way of an English translation. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi: I'm hoping someone can help me translate this inscription, which is on a taoist statue I recently purchased. There was a little bit of a language barrier between me and the woman who sold it to me. I would be very grateful! I also am attaching a photo of the full statue, in case anyone knows any further information about it. Thanks!
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    Hi footprint. I was able to upload from the "my profile" page automatically after my first 5 posts. Easy!
  8. Placement of Taoist Altar

    Thanks, zerostao. It was actually reading that very thread, and some other readings, that brought up the question of how to best place the altar, given the restrictions of my particular living space. I guess I need further advice as to which guidelines would be the best to follow or sacrifice within the limitations I'm stuck with.
  9. Just "hello" from a new member

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes! If anyone thinks they might have some insight, please see my question about the placement of taoist altars which is posted in Taoist Discussions. Thanks!
  10. Thought the Lobby is Meant for INTRODUCTIONS !

    Thanks Marblehead. That's OK, I actually like NY!
  11. I am preparing a taoist altar and have read numerous writings on the subject, including what has been posted in this community. Given the "rules" for placement of the altar, I have a dilemma, given the limited space in my relatively small house. The preferred location would place the back of the altar facing north (front to the south), which I understand is good. The issue with this spot is that while it is technically not in a bedroom, it would be at the end of a hallway which opens into my bedroom. That is, there isn't a wall between the altar and the bed. It is a large open space, a converted attic, which I would describe as "loft-like". The second choice would be the den, which is a kind of family room, but the only available wall there would place the back of the altar to the south, front facing north (not desirable). While this is not a bedroom, it has a futon couch which is used as a guest room when needed. What to do, temporarily remove the altar if we have guests? The third and final choice would have to be the basement, where I could pretty much put the altar anywhere. The issue with that is that it's a semi-finished basement and isn't the most inviting space for meditation. Of the 3 choices, which do you feel would make the best location? I'm hoping someone with more experience than me can give some advice.
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    Never mind, I got it!
  13. Thought the Lobby is Meant for INTRODUCTIONS !

    Thanks Marblehead and zerostao. And that's my 5th post!!!
  14. Thought the Lobby is Meant for INTRODUCTIONS !

    OK, I will, thanks! (BTW that'll be my 5th post)
  15. Thought the Lobby is Meant for INTRODUCTIONS !

    Just sayin'. I'm a new member who followed the protocol and have posted 2 introductory messages and got 0 replies. Other new members who have posted questions have gotten numerous replies. Kinda makes me want to post a question...