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  1. A Path To Enlightenment

    Hello dmattwads, What I have found to work when distraction (pains, soreness, emotions, etc) come into your inner space the best action or better said non-action is to just simply step back, unclutch, from your sensations and fall into more spacecious state. At first it might seem an active action but it will develop in something more natural over time. Also unclutch from unclutching too and be patient. Hope that was helpfull, P.S. about feeling "wierd" after meditation, that is maybe because your state is less attached. I myself feel most of the time that things around me are droven by inertia and even thought patterns just happen and that gives the impression to other people that I am disconnected or cold but usually I don't have the feealing of "need"(perhaps it is just an illussion but I do feel an inner peace). Keep it simple
  2. Most believe that Ego is an enemy which is needed to be removed or vanquished. Ego is just another form of consciousness, a contracted, limited form but still consciousness. The thing is that usually when you battle something there is resistence, and where there is resistence there is tension which leads to suffering. The way is not to destroy Ego but align it to Self, to everpresent consciousness then there will no be a sense of diffrence, of distance between I and That which is IS. Now there is a psychological ego which is just an accumulation of past information which does form the false Self, the pattern Self, the egotistical Ego. That one will disolve anyway upon death. But individuality is a state of consciousness, or more likely consciousness perceives oneself through individuality. Well I don't presume to have all the answears I just stated what I felt at this time. Peace
  3. Newbie (Sex addict - Tao Helping me in so many ways)

    Well what i would advice you is to stop doing seminal retention and do more transmutation, if you get my drift. Just stocking up your sperm will only make you more horny and angry and in the end you will most likelihood blow it out anyway. Usually most spiritual practices from prayer to qigong to stillness meditation (most inner practices) will help. The main idea is to use that extra sexual energy for something creative(sexual energy is actually creative energy, love energy manifested in a more physical way). So that is the short story, I hope I didn't make it more confusing. Good day.
  4. hey guys

    Well I'm going to use this topic to say hello too.
  5. Getting pretty Spammy in here

    I agree with the above statement
  6. strange feelings

    Hello Padlin, Seeing your description of your inner state i would like to share a video with you, now it may not be your particular case and you might think that the guy in the video has nothing to do with spirituality he is actualy a pretty smart guy although he might seem a little to straightfoward .He has a lot of videos on many subjects and I find him to be a fun guy to follow. And another that I consider to be a great man .(sorry for bad grammar if any I am not a native). Live long and prosperous!
  7. I want to overthrow the System.

    Hello everyone This is actualy my first post on the forum and this is the first thread that I clicked on. An intresting topic none the less and regarding that I would like to share a clip from a free documentary on youtube Have a nice day.