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  1. Reliable magic spell sites

    Sorry for any offence, im just getting started and am interested in this area. Im not brave nor informed enough to study or use magic myself at this time, and there are many magic sites some bogus. I dont have a lot of money to waste,and just need to know one with a good track record
  2. Hi everyone i wonder please could somebody tell me if you can recommend any reliable sites that do powerful , effective magic spells
  3. Hello from new member

    Hi tao. Bums I've been reading the forum for a while so I thought I'd join I wonder can anyone help. I am interested in learning chi kung from a DVD I wonder what system would you recommend . I have kidney disease so would really love to do a system that promotes health. I'm also interested in generating good chi. For some reason I have been drawn towards jenny lambs dvds and dragon gate sanctuary kwan yin magnetic qigong. Please help