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  1. Thanks for the link... I've been looking for something like this for awhile!
  2. Cool Father's Day Gift

    My first energy infusion of the mala was the mantra : "I, you... are illusions. We are the universe." A powerful reminder, especially when I start feeling separate.
  3. Cool Father's Day Gift

    My wife is utterly awesome... for fathers' day, instead of getting me a tie or cologne of some other cliche gift, my wife gave me a rosewood mala... it is gorgeous. And I love the constant reminder of the benefits of putting intentional energy into my day.
  4. How many people experience god?

    I love the work that Lev Vygotsky did around "flow" and how children learn (of course, I'm a teacher of young children, so I naturally gravitated toward it).
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    Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Hello

    Hello, this is aquaria saying "hi". Glad to have found the forum.