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  1. What Results Do People Here Have From Training?

    Healing 2 sprained ankles from dancing within 1 day so I can go dancing on it the next night (took me like 5-7 days when I sprained as a kid). Healed a few cavities, no trips to dentist needed. Cured hangovers, and actually meditated myself sober while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs before. Haven't gotten hurt or sick otherwise in 10 years. Have helped to heal a few other people of mostly minor issues (I'm not a master). Used to be able to leave my body at will (don't smoke tobacco it is the devil). Experienced some kind of state of being close to "one-ness" with all things. Have gone without food or sleep for an extended period of time, with no detrimental effects, usually a day or so. Pretty sure with continued training I (we) could resurrect the dead, transform matter, fly / teleport, live forever, etc. Uniting spiritual with the physical. All I have to do is quit smoking and the way will become clear, but unfortunately there seems to be nothing in the world that helps me accomplish that.
  2. Communal living

    That does seem pretty interesting, the new earth project. You're right, all sorts of people with their own ideas on how things should be done. I don't know if I agree with their methods. They claim they wish to end voluntary servitude...yet their supplies for building such a community are created through voluntary servitude. If we were to come an end to this servitude worldwide, who exactly would choose to work in mines? It is very dangerous and I find it hard to believe that anybody finds it "fulfilling", at best "tolerable". Many people in poor countries do so because they have no other choice if they wish to survive, or in America "because the reward / money is good". Also, who actually "wants" to work on an assembly line? They wish to end war, but yet they still choose to rely on materials that are difficult to procure or are in limited supply. This is the direct cause of war (besides religious wars). Whenever trying to solve a problem one must go to the root of the problem. Which is how eastern medicine works. Money is not the cause of all the problems, big controlling government is also not the cause of all the problems. That if you try and solve those issues, new problems will still continuously be created. These are just symptoms / manifestations of an even deeper underlying issue. The way I see it, one must eliminate everything that keeps us in the "animal realm". That keeps us living as physical beings separate from each other and our surroundings. That this is what "creates all of the problems", the strong sense of individual self. To be free of fear, greed, selfishness, concern for the future, physical pain, hierarchy, etc. I'm still working on the best way to accomplish that, or the best way of life to minimize or eliminate all of these things... Ion - Eat hemp seeds instead of meat...there you go no thinking involved. If you want. Not that you have to but I'm just saying it's an easy way to be a vegetarian.
  3. ...

    Ah **** I made a fool of myself again. Love unconditionally I say. **** Confucianism I say. I wish I could delete what I said earlier.
  4. ...

    Confucianism goes against the Tao Te Ching and in my opinion the core ideas of Taoism so **** that ****. When everyone is kind and respectful to every being, there will be no need for rules, religion, etiquette, authority, etc. Not that I am perfect, I still get angry on occasion if somebody ****s me over badly enough. Or occasionally getting angry at all the super rich people who control this world who are ***holes (our material but not our spirit, unless we give in to fear and consumerism and worldly desires), but then they wouldn't be rich if they weren't. The thing is, they are not in control. They are being manipulated by negative spirits, demons, whatever. They already hate us, thinking we're all stupid and ugly filthy little peons. I've heard them talk about us in such ways before. But it's not us who are the ignorant ones. Getting angry won't help at all, in fact it only makes them worse and it hurts your own health. They most especially need to be shown and given love (kindness, forgiveness, respect, etc) and healing. Who here can do that, for as much atrocity and ugliness they are responsible for creating? Most people say **** em, let them burn in hell. I recall going to a hippy gathering where everyone was all peace and love. But then the topic of George Bush came up, and almost everyone started chanting "Kill George Bush" over and over. It was pretty creepy. Unconditional love, not just love for those who "deserve" it. The people who need it the most are the ones least "deserving" of it. Nobody needs to point out to me that cultivating myself more would be more beneficial to the world. I'll be quiet now.
  5. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    I'm also convinced from this state of being is where other miracles happen. Levitation, creating objects from nothing to bring into the physical, telekinesis, etc. It's just a matter of getting creative. From my experience when you have left your body after it is filled with this vibratory sense - "Think" that you can see in all directions all around you, and you can. "Think" of a friend and you will be instantaneously transported to them wherever they are in the world. (at which point you can heal them if you want) "Think" of your physical body and you will be returned to it. I've been taught that everything first begins as yin (spirit) and manifests as yang (physical). Which is true for life, diseases, accidents, etc. So I would assume this also applies to miracles. I'll let you know when I manage to get back out of my body again, the easiest way of going about achieving anything. It is for some reason not high on my list of priorities...may take some time. Is it just a matter of going somewhere in spirit and then "thinking" or "coalesce using your conscious awareness" bringing your physical body to that location to be teleported somewhere? Could one duplicate into 2 or a billion different "spirit bodies" and create their own physical bodies for each of them? Would that cause me to go insane? I don't know, it will require practice. Better to start off with small things. It's easy to go flying off into outer space or some other crazy location on accident if you cannot remain focused. A single "thought" of your body in your physical room drags you back in. I will also have to learn to protect myself at all times in both physical and spiritual space before I make any such crazy attempts. Who knows who or what might try and stop me. I'm reasonably sure this is what death is also like except no more body to return to. So remember, no fear, what you believe is what is true. Can anyone verify or falsify this? Can anyone here leave their body at will?
  6. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Oh and feel free to share this healing light with any being. Every little bit helps.
  7. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    When you do finally let one out, does it hurt? Because I find personally going too often hurts, doing it too little also hurts. Doing it too little also makes it harder to not be horny and I become easily distracted, I am not at all horny as long as I take care of it. Then I think, why listen to someone else why not just listen to my own body? Physical pain is only experienced when the body says "you're doing it wrong". I experience no shame or fear for doing it. And how much of it do you think is in the mind? Personally I think 99.9% of spiritual practice is in the mind / consciousness. That one is working with spirit, which is easy to transform using consciousness since it vibrates on a faster / higher frequency than light. Your spirit, which is not actually separate from all the spirit around and every other object's spirit. It's all about your beliefs / intentions. If you believe it, really really sincerely believe it, it will happen. Now I haven't experienced much beyond out of body travel and exploring other dimensions and seeing light shine within me and the "sense" of energy within me...but none if it required anything from me besides in the mind. It didn't require "building up energy" it just seemed more like "becoming aware of the energy that is already there". And I've woken up out of sleep before, completely filled with this vibratory sense. Without doing anything at all. So explain that. Every time I have ever felt energy getting stuck or feeling imbalanced or moving in inappropriate ways, it was because of fear. Perhaps this is why everyone has their own path instead of simply imagining yourself surrounded completely and being filled with light healing and rejuvenating every part of you, every cell, and transforming any "negativity" within yourself. Which is also a way to defend yourself psychically (google it). I'm starting to think I should just start doing that again. Instead of qigong which makes everything so complicated and in my opinion limits one's progress. This is how I learned to leave my body to begin with (except I did not include the intention of healing and rejuvenating my spirit). It only took less than a week of practice. Nowadays I cannot do it so easily because of too much fear and BS ideas floating around in my head. Any of the spiritual techniques taught from any master and any school all take you to the same, so why not just make it simple. Have any of you studied Master Lin's techniques up to level 3 or 4? You'll notice how he says healing someone can be quick and easy. That what is important is your confidence and love. The rainbow and temple of heaven meditations he guides are also this easy. So why all of the complicated ****? I don't get it. Here's another example. I meditated for 7 years or so, never had a problem with eating directly after a meditation. Master Lin says, don't eat half an hour afterwards...I believed him...and all of a sudden eating afterwards makes my stomach hurt. Here's another example - people living to be over 100 who eat unhealthy and don't exercise or meditate ever, but they maintain calm and loving attitude towards themselves and the world. Anyone else feel chills / tingling / the same feeling of "chi" from listening to music that you like, that resonates with you? Now why is that? And why does loving thoughts words and actions help one go deeper into meditation or make you feel the "chi" as well? And why chanting om can be an effective tool? Mmmmm your throat vibrates, your heart vibrates, reminding you of your vibratory nature and helping you forget yourself. It has been scientifically proven that everything is vibration. Rising and falling cyclical waves of yin and yang that are not really separate but just 2 aspects of the same thing, responsible for creating the infinite. The four forces of creation in Taoism - strong yang, lesser yang, strong yin, lesser yin. Which equates to gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force. Personally I think it's all a process of forgetting oneself, not learning any special technique or filling your head with information. You already have a spirit. It is already one with everything. Now please pay me $1,000 and continue to pay me $1,000 to learn more.
  8. Communal living

    That's not quite what I'm trying to do. I have to abandon the Tao angle, because I'm not a Taoist. I have no interest in building temples or teaching people for profit. The church idea was only to avoid paying taxes. I can get along with anyone, no matter their beliefs or religion or habits, and that's not just talk. It should be easy to find people to live with, once a complete basic needs fulfilling system is established. Who knows how many homeless or broken or forgotten people would be interested. But for now I'll have to find the right community who works for profit and probably lives with electricity and grows food using natural methods. From there, the real planning can begin. I can learn the rest along the way. The goal being - how to make a comfortable (hot showers or baths, cool ponds, furniture, heated dwellings free of critters and insects, some type of plumbing, natural methods of refrigeration) and easy (not hauling water back and forth from a water source, not working 40+ hours a week once established, low maintenance, simple) moneyless life that is completely sustainable and renewable. That can work in a large variety of growing conditions, supplementing different crops that are regional, etc. Built from the ground up. Then, to share it step by step through video on the internet (if it is still around in however many years), for free, to anyone who wants the same. Electricity and metal simply cannot be a (renewable) part of this system, but it can be implemented if that's what the people want. It can be profitable if that's what people want. Using stones doesn't mean it has to be anything like the stone age. I'm sure it's possible, anything is possible. It will be a lot of ****ing work to set up, no doubt, made easier with more hands. Breaking / carving rocks and ****. Once developed though, then I can rest and meditate more.
  9. Communal living

    More info, can't edit - it has or creates within you all 21 essential amino acids. Protein is completely covered with hemp. And yeah I am willing to work with anyone who's willing. "Be good to those who are good, be good to those who are not good." "The soft overcomes the strong". People of great virtue will overcome those of lesser. Because love brings greater happiness as well as more energy, which everybody wants, it's just a matter of time before we're all loving. When everyone has a say in the community (the superior not exalted). Where everyone has access to the same stuff (the people will not steal). Where security and safety is provided in numbers. Shout and your family (the community) will be there to help. Where rules and religions won't be necessary as long as everyone wishes to respect and love each other and every being. Love awakens people, it resonates on the same frequency as God. I don't know about you but I can feel powerful energy coursing through me when doing loving things. It almost feels as if it makes it easier to go into deeper meditation as well. That is pretty much the key to qigong and other healing modalities, love. I know people who eat like crap and don't exercise, some that smoke or drink a lot (but maybe eat better and exercise), living to be 100 with very few problems...just because they are calm and wonderful loving people. It is by far the most important thing for your health. Not to mention it elicits protection from heavenly beings, gets you into less accidents, etc.
  10. Communal living

    That is a good read, thanks for sharing. I know that a lot of farmers focus on food...but is it possible to create a system that can function or be applied to anywhere, which allows for people to fulfill all of their basic necessities? One that is also in accordance with nature? Including soap and clothing and grain. One where people "don't have to go anywhere" where everything they need is within a few miles? Because once you have that, people won't need money, barter, etc. Where a farm community could grow without limit and take in any homeless and wandering souls. I've always thought hemp was the key, as it can grow nearly anywhere without pesticides and can partially fulfill soap and clothing needs, serve as insulation, fuel, etc. And it also has the best protein short of some fish, from what I hear. Salmon or hemp seeds are the best food choices if you were to eat one thing and nothing else, to survive for the longest...though of course a person needs other things too. I've been living off of hemp seeds for awhile and I am pretty healthy. Sure maybe it's not for everybody, but for the starving and the malnourished and the vegetarians...It also doesn't make soft clothing, without refining (I'm not sure what those refinements entail, but apparently it is possible to make it softer). Hemp can also be used to treat burn victims, without any scarring or crazy skin grafts, so I hear. Back when I smoked weed all the time, the plant always told me - "Don't smoke me, eat me and grow me!".
  11. Communal living

    Could be you're right. If the rich are willing to participate. There is the venus project, which as far as I know is looking to create a technologically sound and renewable community (and therefore a model for the world). I was being a bit rash in my first post, insisting on personal conditions. Nothing wrong with technology if it is respectful to nature. Personally I think hemp for plastic and paper, which is renewable, can make a lot of stuff from, doesn't take chemicals to grow. That is a good thing. The federal government said they wouldn't interfere with CO or WA with marijuana growing (and I'd assume hemp too since it is the same plant basically). Hemp is also currently legal in 11 states last I checked. If we had water power engines, that power atmospheric water generators, that power water engines or tesla coils or something similar that doesn't take fuel, that would also be cool. The problem is much of our metal comes from slave labor, and I'd like to find a way to live without it if at all possible. (If rare goods are not treasured, the people will not steal). It still doesn't solve the whole, let's not share everything we have attitude and individual prosperity put before group / world prosperity capitalist society...which will have to come to an end as well if we're ever going to have a peaceful prosperous planet. Which I am not a model of at least not yet, and also which cannot be enforced upon people (not talking communism here). I have a feeling we are going towards communal living / anarchy. I don't know exactly how or what's going to happen, though I am feeling economic collapse and possible society meltdown within 5 years. I'm not trying to create fear, that won't help anything, but this is what I feel. I am feeling a sense of urgency that I have to act fast, find the right people (I'm going to WA in a few days) and spend all of my money on land / tools / whatever to contribute to an existing or forming community that wishes to become at least mostly self sustainable and renewable. As long as we don't have to use heavy farming equipment.
  12. Communal living

    100 years at the maximum, not minimum. Sorry can't edit it.
  13. Communal living

    People are better or worse than each other in some shape or form, in many various ways. Though that is really not true. None of this is true. This is how consciousness operates. It measures things. It makes observations, relative to its own self. Without individual consciousness, there is no better or worse, right or wrong, this or that. The truth is god / Tao is not "better / greater / higher / separate". But that is how it appears from our individual point of view. It is probably best not to measure oneself against anyone else as it just leads to pride / shame / separation. I don't know why you give me a hard time protector for saying that I don't want to hurt nature. That we are hurting nature. This is an observation, not a judgement. As long as you perceive yourself as an individual (human or otherwise) then you will be making observations about everything, and your entire reality will be a collection of observations. You can deny it if you want, sit in one place and reach perfect enlightenment, dissolving yourself completely. Total absolution of self, transcending of life and death doesn't require a person to do anything within the world. I'm not here for the same reason you are though. That is not my purpose. If that is your purpose, OK. Do that, instead of talking to us. This is also not what the great awakening is, everyone just forgetting everything and no more human race. It is about elevating our level of consciousness / awareness. And with such elevation comes love, peace, balance, harmony, heaven on earth, etc. Eventually, less than 100 years at the minimum, everyone who walks this planet will be a divine being. Or maybe they won't have to walk anymore, instead just flying everywhere . The sky is not the limit. "Ramana Maharshi pointed this out -he said yeah there are some highly enlightened gurus in the Himalayas but the karma on Earth is so bad right now that those enlightened masters can not change anything and so they have to remain in hiding." Either that or they just don't know how. One person can change the entire world. If they were creative and aware enough. Not me, not at this time. It has happened before, one person changing everything, who knows how many times throughout history. If one person can heal another using just their consciousness, if one person can heal a group using their consciousness, one person could awaken everyone. If that is what everybody wants, and what they want is not a selfish desire (which it really isn't since awakening brings love). Which is also just another illusion but it's worth sticking around for, in my opinion. Personally to start my life I didn't really care about many people, unless they cared about me. I hated the world, until I ate some mushrooms and lost my strong sense of atheistic self. Which was temporary. Then I went even further into selflessness, deeper into meditation without any drugs, and my love grew stronger. The closer to godliness one gets, the more loving they become. At least that has been my experience. It is this strong sense of individual self which makes the world a not so pleasant place for the time being for lots of people. It's the same reason the concord prison experiment showed that giving prisoners mushrooms reduced the rate of repeat offenders, in my opinion. Selflessness is the definition of love. It makes transcending life and death completely kind of difficult.
  14. The meditation freak out

    My dad was schizophrenic, jumped off a building. I've done a lot of drugs like him mostly hallucinogens including 15 years of weed smoking (which I don't want to do anymore so I don't), and I'm not schizophrenic then again I don't talk to western doctors / pretend Christians who do so out of fear. Not that I am better, there's plenty of better people than I, I just don't pretend. Am I strange, most probably. Which is fine with me, considering how "not strange" people act. Weed is also a strange thing, it cannot be classified. It's not a stimulant, depressant, or psychedelic. Some sort of combination, depending on the person and on the moment. It makes one of my friends energetic and talkative. It usually makes me quiet and lazy and subject to fear. Deep meditation no matter the technique, that will make you "schizophrenic". Open up your third eye (or your third ear) or your second body, become psychic, etc. see / hear / experience all of the spirits (good bad and neutral) that are living around us and sometimes IN us tell your doctor, get medicated. All of those things can happen on accident without meditation (and is common in young children, seeing ghosts). So if you are afraid, if I were you I'd just never meditate. But you're going to have to face it sometime (death). Shamans / healers / various people have been using psychedelic drugs for thousands of years. Personally I intend to take some salvia when I end up somewhere it is legal again, soon. She's a very nice and wise being, if you respect her...or maybe if she just happens to like you. I've asked her to take me back before, and she willingly did so. One moment in a jungle, next moment back in my room. Which no other substance has allowed me to do. The plant appeared out of nowhere a few hundred years ago, the natives said it was a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. Originally growing only in one location on the planet. Doesn't reproduce, only replicates itself. Doesn't affect your brain like any other drug. Very much an individual being / entity, unlike any drug I've taken. It is extremely powerful though, not to be abused or taken lightly. People who don't know what they are doing, who have no respect or knowledge, have taken it and committed suicide immediately afterwards so yeah...not for the faint of heart. I'm not sure I can recommend it to anyone. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the soul killer. That and excessive anger / sadness. Just wait til you die and you no longer have a seemingly fixed and solid reality to call home, just remember what you believe is what is real. The spiritual plane(s) (and your yin spirit body, and everything's spirit) are much more easily affected / transformed by your consciousness. All of it illusion until you are unified with everything, both being and non being. Nothing at all keeping you from "that" except yourself and all of the information and misleading you've been subjected to and still believe. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do or what you've done, you're one with the universe if you can forget yourself. If you can let go of everything, including love. Which I cannot do, I love this planet and these people so much I can't let it go. I must help if I can, even though everything I'm working towards will be made meaningless. You already are one with the universe, so am I, and that's why there is such a thing as karmic law. Now until that point, what you do does matter. And treating yourself like **** will make you feel like ****. Too much smoking that's bad for your lungs. Too much alcohol bad for your liver. Too much other toxins bad for your kidneys and whatever else. Probably would be best if I didn't talk a lot of **** in my current state of low awareness. I'm sure I'll get some negativity for all this unacceptable by most information spreading. Oh well.
  15. Communal living

    I have to agree that the way I've been acting is inappropriate and has just led to much squabbling. Much too much rigidity, stubbornness, arrogance, assertiveness, idealism, exaltation, fear mongering. I'll figure it out, I just need to get the **** out of this apartment and city and go and talk to people the old fashioned way.