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  1. So many broken links and scrolls for sale which are sold out... I'm trying to print one - does anyone know of the highest resolution images found so far? It would be nice if it didn't include a background color so it would blend in with the paper's color. Thanks!
  2. Nature of God is also Sunyata?

    I've noticed: -- Many in this thread proclaim to know the answer to my question. -- No one said, "I don't know." -- There isn't really any consensus.
  3. Nature of God is also Sunyata?

    I'm pretty amused!!! Of course God is empty of defilements, which I see the first few replies understood. The best jokes in this thread are poking at the reality of the Buddhist-nihilism stereotype, which I grok despite realizing Buddhism is not nihilistic or even in denial of a soul. I think these terms have been defined enough, so I will refrain from the requests for further samadhi on linguistic constipation. Of course emptiness of many things are possible: defilements, perfections, self, etc. I did expect a bit more directness: "Yes, your so-called God is empty!" -- quote from a hypothetical semi-polytheistic buddhist
  4. Most Buddhists I've heard from claim the true nature of everything is empty - or Sunyata. Or rather, emptiness is the underlying nature of everything. Does this include God? Thanks.
  5. Growing TCM Herbs

    Does anyone here know any experts in TCM herb farming? I'm trying to grow some. I'd like to know which ones are best suited for this environment, which seeds to get, and how to get the best results from growing them... Big questions, I know
  6. Pretty straight forward question... What do you think are the best methods or practices for increasing "Viriya pāramī" (energy, diligence, vigour, effort)?
  7. I'm surprised the Vatican has not yet been mentioned. If such a categorized list could be made, then wouldn't it be at the top?
  8. Interesting... So many disconnected writings on so-called "lay-lines" but none agree on GPS coordinates, methodologies, measurement, etc. Would be nice to build a database of those too so folks could converge on the truth!
  9. I travel a lot and I'm sure others here do too... I want to ask what the most powerful temples, churches, locations, or objects you've experienced coming in contact with. It would be helpful if you would list: 1) The name of place or object 2) Your tradition 3) Your experience with said place or object 4) Approx. date or year of said experience I would like to collect these in one place for their potential as tradition-agnostic. For example if a buddhist has been to many places, but their most powerful experience was in a buddhist temple - then that would be accounted for here. Furthermore, if a Hindu, Buddhist, and Jew all had a most powerful experiences in the Himalayas or Pyramids, then that would be interesting to account for here as well! I also want to account for the potential of experiences with objects - like coming in contact with the remains of a Saint, for example...
  10. I've searched for info about Isha's sadhana for a while now and watched a lot of sadhuguru's videos on it... Why is there so little information about how to do this stuff? Instead of expressing why I think this is an oversight, I should just ask: how exactly does one practice sadhana?
  11. San Francisco TaiChi Practice Partners

    Is this the right way to search for practice partners? Or is this the right place for this post?
  12. The title says it all. I live near union square in San Francisco, and I'm looking for experienced practice partners who wants to push hands or work on any of the various TaiChi practices which are done best with others (one of my old masters made this hanging rope thing to simulate the hand of another, to at least practice sticking and your own flow). The school I studied at (in case that says something about my practice - https://taichitaocenter.com/ I've plenty of space in my apartment for this - but we could also find a park. Message me or post here and we'll sort out the details! Thanks.
  13. Introduction!

    Hello everyone, I'm a TaiChi practitioner and meditator living in San Francisco. By joining Tao Bums, I'm hoping to find some practice partners nearby...