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  1. A Student In The Abyss

    I am stook in this place where I dont know what to do to become happy. I am trying to let go of control but it just isnt happening. I have been stuck in this headspace for months now. Example, right now I am trying to think of a physical excecise and a mediation to get the energy moving, but I can think of what I want to do. I havent felt like doing chigong in ages. If I make myself do chigong is that the ego winning?
  2. Rainbow Gathering Of The Family of Light

    Ha thanks! I generally beat people at staring competitions.
  3. Buddhist fascism as Bhutan happiness

    Hit the nail on the head. Humans, like other apes, naturally form large organisations and the ones at the top will likely abuse thier power. I'm both Buddhist and a voluntaryist. Wake up and hcose whether or not you want a ruler.
  4. Rainbow Gathering Of The Family of Light

    Thanks. The space is open for workshops. Wonder if I could teach qigong.
  5. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    I find your comment antagonistic. Are you saying you cant be a child in finance or an adult in energy work? Mantak Chia gives warnings. he wants you to do the workshops and read the books. If you choose to only read the books thats your own business. I recommend you dont accuse people of things without backing your accusations. You come out jealous by just randomly attacking Mantak Chia.
  6. On Saturday I am goig to European Rainbow Gathering oF the Family of Light in Greece. 10 days of banging a drum naked in the sun eating good food. No drunk people for kilometers! For people who dont know it, its basically woodstock without the bands. After Greece might head to the one in Germany or Netherlands. Just finished a Taoist workshop with Kris Deva North. Everyday I will do Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Steel Body Tia Chi, microcosmic orbit, inner smile, caldron of fusion, fountain and open various pyschic channels. That and pratice the bodhran!
  7. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    As adults its not Mantak Chias fault for that people dont follow nessicary safety precautions.
  8. The Way of Infinite Harmony (Ma Gu hemp goddess)

    I shall join your sect.
  9. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    Best advice.
  11. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    Do you have a link to an audio version of that book? Typicaly his are written down versions of his discourses. I listen to Osho at work and couldnt think of what to move on to.
  12. Mantak Chia-Franz Bardon Astral Energy Comparison

    Hopefully I can tell you next week. I only sponanteously become aware of my energy body. Working on with Kris Dev North this weekend.
  13. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    Oh I googled this. I found packing difficult so I dont do it. I breathe with my attention on my dantian. This is how I try to breath all day long and how I meditate. Micheal Winn gives some insite. Packign isnt dangerous, some people just do it wrong or strain themselves. "Master Chia's warning not to hold the packed breath if strain is felt goes unheeded." I'm going to consult my teahcer two weeks about this.
  14. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    Sorry I dont understand what the packing practices are.
  15. Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt; good or bad practice

    Well now we're out in the open talking about it. How would you describe your skin after practising?