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  1. It's not that big a deal

    Well if Lao Tzu said nothing I suppose I could do the same thing. I can see the wisdom in keeping his mouth shut about it. Still I covered the lust for life, and the fear of death in other threads. I assume that is the pursut if imortality. It is dangerous. Fear being the attractive force it is. And largly it is ego. The soul seems to be something quite different from the ego. My observation and last word, Sorry if I butted into a fight or something here guys, I'm new here, I'm out. take care
  2. It's not that big a deal

  3. It's not that big a deal

    Not everyone is intersted in their own truth. Some are only interested in logic, minds, and stuffing holes in their head. You could feel sorry for them, but why bother? No point in arguing with a mind. It only understands understanding. You can't get a being to look for itself sometimes. It just wants to listen to it's mind chatter away and tell them what it all is about.
  4. Controlling sexual desire

    Any man afraid of a vagina feeling the need to cover it up is not a master. lol OH MY....THE MIGHTY VAGINA.......IT'S STIRRING MY DEMONS! I have no POWER OVER THIS! it's the want to control, it's fear. It's stupid. It's insecurity. the world is full of it. I have to have power over you, because I can't do anything for myself and I am afraid that my feelings are more important then you freely moving about wearing a tank top. really, you have to cover up. I am a raging hormone that really has no power over his self or being. I don't know who I am. I'm really religious you i have no power over my genitalia...because....I am afraid of genitalia. I don't know anything about who I am inside and that makes me more Godlike then you. Now I will judge you for a while because I feel envious and repressed sexually....I hate you... LOL It's amazing the degree people feel the need to repress all sex. It makes them more happy you not see things that make them feel inadiquate as human beings. Trina has a nicer but then Me....and if I see that I feel sorry for myself. I suppose it's easier that we do cover up..beacause people really just can't be happy with what they have anyways. graditude is the addutide! And I think monks should have some porn laying around. If they never face the desire for sex, or feelings.....then how can they defeat them? How can they release their lusts or passions? their wants for control or survival? hwo acan they release these feeling and thoughts, if they never somewhat dig them up? there can also be resentments there.. people do well having life experiences, triggers....things that catch the eye and stur the pot. Repression?? It's a subconcious time bomb...I really see no power in it. I see a false ceiling one can no longer rise above. a Plateu. And a man in a cage....No freedom in that.
  5. Controlling sexual desire

    Disipline is meant to live life more fully, not less.
  6. The Tao of Dying

    Like your Bruce Lee signature. Through your "feeling" and inution, perception..etc...higher self.Trust that and tell the mind to shut the hell up, or beat it to death if you have to. Trust your insights, and keep going or growing with that. What is real to you does not have to be real to everyone else. One of the things I have noticed over the years about "proof" and peoples want of it is...their fear.... they really desire to prove stuff..they have to...if they dont.....I don't's really something to worry about, isn't
  7. The Tao of Dying

    I wouldn't think about it. It's ALL GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. lol See, fear of death is largly the desire to live. You say you Love life. But your talking about attachment. Not love. So your result is I'M AN AIRPLANE AND I KNOW IT WILL BE OVER SOON. You don't know that. You THINK you do. Knowing is different then THINKING. Thinking is negative. Within it your saying I LOVE LIFE. no you have a fear of death and an attachment to the side called life. So you overcome your attachments, and your aversions, fears. and you find equinamity. No mind, No thinking, No attachment, no fears.... Equinamity, PEACE..... NOW...yet moving....... And really anything can happen.......beyond your judgments of what your thinking mind dictates.... or you can live our your feared expectations you hold in your mind as reality because YOU know BEST. Pride, ego, fear etc..... will all drag you down.... fear is an attractive force. How to nutralize fear? let go. Let go of the want for survival...and the fear of death. you say you love WANT LIFE. that is lust. Find love, as in...letting it BE. Like that beatles song, LET IT BE. and realize...hey you don't and it's all FINE AND OK THE WAY IT IS. and like I said, anytihng can happen in "reality" for that reason. But if you want to cling to your thoughts, judgments, expectations AND feelings....that is fine to. But it is attachment, and aversions........wants...and fears..... thinking mind...ego...identification..... Equinamity...allows just about anything to happen. that you would never expect....or even CONTROL. so let go of your want of that too. and your fear starts to vanish... if not... your trying to hard... and TRYING is not DOING No try, just do bet you heard that before... Trying does not serve you.. trying is an excuse for NOT DOING. trying is only thinking, effort, and EGO...... Doing is something else.... And that is my answer on the "way to die"... there is no way to Death is not a way any more then life is a way. you have fear, you have desire? youhave the want of control, security, approval, and survival. That is all you have, the WANT OF IT. which means you feel alone, empty, and you WANT IT. and you NOT HAVE IT. let go of it and have it now. I bet it's real sunny outside for it. Peace, IS LETTING GO, of the want of security, control, approval, and survival. the want of something is not the having... let go of the wants, the desires... and the fears are nutralized..and no longer attract the negatives.... fears attract negatives.... truth is if your afraid of something happening to you.... you want it to happen... your afraid of it, it will happen to you, YOU KNOW IT, AND YOU FEAR IT AND YOU KNOW IT, AND YOU FEAR IT lol... desire it so it really us up to you, but if you can notice it, do I really want this? and you notice it, then you have every right to CHOOSE something else for your future... in the now. get it?
  8. The Tao of Dying

    Overcome the fear of death, and the LUST for life. and the two become one...and WHO could have it either way and your still happy...and your not thinking. thinking is for pussies with worries and fears.
  9. New,

    Cool, Thank Basher.
  10. I want to overthrow the System.

    You are the system.
  11. New,

    Have a question for me, shoot.
  12. New,

    Doot Doot Doot looking out my backdoor. Any questions??
  13. New,

    So how long till I get to post in the other forums?
  14. New,

    Hi I'm new here, Not really sure how to introduce myself. I read a few of the different threads on the board and thought I'd like to chat around a little. Things I'm interested in? Pretty much anything that has to do with no thinking, law of attraction, karma, out of body living, different methods, etc etc etc etc...without allot of thinking. If it works, it works. Whatever removes blocks from my life, allows me to live more fully, and brings well being to others around me is what I do enjoy. Making people wrong is a waste of time. If people are wrong their wrong, why would i have to make them wrong? Lately I'm looking at some more interesting non-judgmental type groups or methods which all look very similar since they have to do with trandending duality, fear, desires....or whatever else you "do" in life. Looks like their are some nice discussions here so maybe later on after I look around I will participate, Cheers,