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  1. how to gain weiight ?

    eat more protein. and - this may be anathema here - build muscles the usual route is lifting weights in the gym - the danger is if you don't train properly, you may be muscle bound and qi will not flow smoothly alternatives are bodyweight (progressive calisthenics such as Convict Conditioning, or functional freeweights such as sandbags, kettlebells, Indian clubs/clubbells if a certain hypertrophy routine is followed, reportedly, you'll tend to eat more screw 1 month; results don't happen overnight, but you must see at least a minor improvement
  2. NLP/Hypnosis and energy work?

    Dabbled with NLP books for a while and looking to go back some time soon. I'm not sure about how NLP could model the physiology, but using Dilt's model of logical levels, we have a set of categories by which we can extract information from a high-level master. *spiritual purpose *identity *beliefs/values *capability *behavior *environment I think these are useful considerations. Modeling the physiological aspect, perhaps, can be done using the approach of a somatic/bodywork education system. e.g. Feldenkrais Method (there may be others). I'm not sure if it was Bandler who said it, but I got it from the NLP crowd that Feldenkrais is the NLP of movement.
  3. Dark Chocolate

    The darker your chocolate is, the less sugar it has. In Paleo Diet circles, it's advocated that you substitute dark chocolate for your regular (milk) chocolate.
  4. Thoughts/advice on the Feldenkrais Method?

    I heard NLP folks compare Feldenkrais as the NLP counterpart of health and fitness, a meta-discipline of sort. So if your main art is dancing, you can use Feldenkrais to improve your dancing. I wonder if any people here have learned Feldenkrais aside from the internal arts. How did your study of Feldenkrais benefit you, especially with respect to Tai Chi and Qigong?
  5. What exactly is a dan tien?

    The only person I know so far (Perhaps, there's others) who try to locate the tantien physically is Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. The lower tantien to him is the body's center of gravity.
  6. The Tea Thread

    I got my start drinking tea thanks to the book Ultimate Tea Diet. subscribing on thread.
  7. ...

    when another person is trespassing your boundaries, and you have to re-assert your boundaries. This prevent you from being a doormat In getting women, some guys play the uncaring asshole game, whether they are naturally assholes or not. It's one of the possible ways of getting some
  8. Embryonic Breathing

    just a question. I'll be starting with BK Frantzis' Longevity Breathing, especially his material from Opening the Energy Gates of your Body and his Taoist Breathing CDs. Is it worth it to get Dr. Yang's EB material at a later date, or should I just stick with LB and not bother at all with EB?
  9. ...

    they're also intelligent when they know how to be an asshole when appropriate.
  10. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

    This settles it once and for all!
  11. Introversion/Extroversion

    Thanks for giving the technical distinction. Most people are ambiverts. What makes one an introvert or extrovert is the slight or major preference for another. Regarding balance. First of all, to thine own self, be true. Once you're true to your introversion or extraversion, then seek out activities that cater to the other preference.
  12. Chi or Kundalini

    Sink your chi, man. Downward current, Water Method way. you know
  13. so OP, is this related to your Psychic Seduction BS?
  14. Self Taught Neigong?

    I suppose one can learn from books or videos, but I suppose you won't get maximum mileage. Just got the Energy Gates book. Dan Kleiman says, only do 1. Sinking Chi 2. Cloud Hands 3. Taoist Spine Stretch Ignore dissolving, the swings, the energy gates since in his opinion these are best learned with a teacher's guidance
  15. QI Magazine: Free PDF Dowloads of all past issues.

    bookmarked the link. thanks!