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  1. Hello Again

    Greetings to all from Memphis. I signed in over a year ago and got sort of sidetracked. Now I'm happy to be back, and ready to learn and share.
  2. Old And Ignorant

    Hello all, I'm not necessarily new to Taoism, having read Alan Watts' "The Watercourse Way" back in the early 70s. I have also taken an online course about "philosophical Taoism" and have read several other books, including "The Tao of Pooh." No matter what sort of agnostic or naturalist or transcendentalist sideline I wander into, I keep coming back to Taoism as a concise and accurate expression of the way of the world. So, I'm here in learning mode, having forgotten 90 percent of everything I've read. I'm looking forward to it. David Dawson Memphis, TN