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  1. Introduction

    LOL...... We talk, but she's pretty computer illiterate.
  2. Bisexuality

    What are all your different thoughts/ideas/theories on Taoism and how it relates to bisexuality?
  3. Introduction

    LOL,..... it is the second intro for me, I was unable to post previously where I wanted to, and so I thought that I'd try again. (I also think my second intro is much nicer Dakota is my dog.
  4. Introduction

    Hello everybody! I am just saying "hello" and that I am very much looking forward to meeting people and having great talks within this site. I am very much impressed thus far by this site and will be here often.... (wich for me actually isn't that much..... sitting infront of a computer vs sitting in Shawn in Ontario
  5. Hello

    Hello everyone! My name is Shawn and I am in Ontario Canada.... I consider myself to be of Taoist thought and practice. Have a beautiful day!