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  1. So many things, what do do first

    This is what I did, and it worked out amazingly for me, and the sequence of practices that I went through, without me knowing, was exactly what my unstable body-mind needed. I had and have no money so first, I found Chunyi Lin's Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 practices via Torrent. This meditation is easy, simple and active. It will open up two of your main channels, Functional and Governor. This will set the groundwork for all of your goals, improving your emotional, mental, and physical health. Than I moved to Mantak Chia's Microcosmic Orbit. This has empowered my body, while further clearing those channels. While in the same time frame of me doing the Microcosmic Orbit I also started performing yoga practice. Kundalini for my third chakra, which contributes to willpower and confidence, which will overall contribute to practicing diligently. also general yoga for hips, so i can progress towards sitting in Full-Lotus. This is where i'm at, and I'm feeling great noticing improvements in the three said health areas. Well, i'm off to practice.
  2. Spiritual Politics and Practice

    That video was extremely informative, thank you, i'm certainly going to integrate emptiness meditation into my daily practice.
  3. Spiritual Politics and Practice

    it is good to know that about the Microcosmic Orbit, but I could feel the energy in my channels and my yogic practice i believe would have prepared me for the MO meditation. I feel it's not worth mentioning that the psychadelics I did, contributed to both the opening of my channels, and the pervasive leeching that has occurred on my aura by the entities. When my consciousness was 100% dialogue, the drugs converted it to pictures, and lessened my thought to stillness unless in communication. This led me to experience and meet who and what I was meant to. But that upaya is only karma-free for so long. I am very interested in emptyness meditation, i've heard of it alot, and have never been sure if it's the same as mindfullness, so i'll check out that video right now.
  4. I ask a question that relates to all. I must start by saying it seems to me that the value of the advice on these forums is quite lesser than I had recently believed due to people being concerned with spiritual politics, which is a concept foreign to anyone truely on a mission of growth and path of vitality or enlightenment. I know it is only ego and entity provoking this. Some people(including myself), have come looking for advice on a practice that they were meant to find, practice, and discover if it is right or not for their etheric self. But what they have gotten in return is a dampening of spirits, of motivation, and curiosity of practice. I was told that Mantak Chia is a money-lover by people on this forum, and was strayed away from his practice due to this. Thanks to the ill-advice of unwise people on this forum, and my naivete to believe them, I was directed away from the practice that could have saved me from months of misery. I have recently been blessed with advice from a person more humble and light than all else i've known. She doesn't not hesitate to go outside of her boundaries to truely learn, and I wonder if I will ever know myself what she does. She performed entity removal therapy on me, and spoke about my silent thoughts as they were happening, she changed the response of my body and mind in a single day, I felt amazing after she completed her work. She deducted that during the time of my drug use, entities connected to me (the way you stay spiritually synchronis and connected with loved ones) and my unprotected etheric body to feel what it was to be on drugs. They were the cause of my unexplained anger and depression that drove me to get high and let them experience that, for that's all they wanted. This idea is synonymous with almost all ancient and new age beliefs. This amazing and beautiful human being, afterwards, suggested to other people with problems similar to mine to practice Mantak Chia's Microcosmic Orbit, which will wire up the etheric body, and increase the energetic force in the whole body, which will leave no vulnerability to entities connecting to the body's chakras. So, i come to say that the practice of kunlun might sound hoaky, might not be for you, but are you everyone else? Do you have the godlike wisdom to discourage people from a practice the universe has setup for them to discover? Please keep negative opinions to yourself, for this will only block you on your own path, and exploits the negativity that your own practice is not effective at letting you grow beyond. thanks everyone
  5. Dragon Breathing

    only ignorance would deny the help his work can give
  6. Dragon Breathing

    Can anyone describe or point me in the direction of learning the Dragon Breathing in Mantak Chia's book "Tan Tien Chi Kung"? He says it's a high pitched hunnnnnn on inhalation but I don't know if the sound i'm making is what he's describing.
  7. affect of surroundings

    Would screaming kids and barking dogs affect yoga and meditation practices? and would the practice be worth doing if this was going on 24/7?
  8. stretch into full-lotus?

    I've been doing the yoga for hips from that thread for a week now, and I can get into full-lotus with great difficulty but can actually get there, that's a really great set. Would anyone know which chakras this set affects most?
  9. movement

    is there any visualization in taiji or just motion? and what other motion meditation styles are there that you think highly of?
  10. movement

    how's everybody? I've been practicing kundalini yoga, tonglen, and shamatha-vipassana daily and have been feeling great. my tonglen and shamatha-vipassana actually only every other day. but my question is, what is tai chi all about? and is there any movement work like yoga or tai chi that I could look into?
  11. Cultivating Energy

    Are there any techniques for gathering more energy as to not be so tired at night so I can practice when i have time to without dozing off and on.
  12. stretch into full-lotus?

    What's the fastest way to go from basically not being able to practice in half lotus to full lotus? stretching, yoga, etc. thanks
  13. Chi and Social Atmosphere?

    we both are still caught in the ego. But we both believe that is why the world of coincidences brought us together the way it has, for every fault in her ego there is an equal and opposite fault in mine, thus we sometimes bring out the worst in eachother. She does unconditionally love me, but her self doesn't release negativity, even if she wants it to. You've all helped, i will understand where she is at and what's going on, and won't let myself be walked on in the process. any other advice?
  14. What is your focus right now?

    rad. the Chenrezig Mantra seems to affect how much i'm conscious of compassion, and how much i subconsciously act on it. That mantra and the Padmasambhava Mantra "Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Peme Siddhi Hung" have helped me alot. the Chenrezig seems to bring me compassion while the Padmasambhava seems to purify my mind. How do you go about these meditations?
  15. Stories of Integrity

    Could anybody name a few books or stories about people that are models of integrity? I'm just looking to read about some pure people to inspire myself towards goodness. thanks