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    Wow, many thanks
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    Hello Simpleton I read a Crowley biography a few years back and I was really drawn to his sensationalist sense of humor. I'm also a big fan of Ramana, Papaji and I sat with Isaac when he visited South Africa. I'm happy to meet you, whoever I and you are ;p
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    Hello Faceless One, good to beO
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    Hello Sunny
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone I greet you all from South Africa. I have read posts from this forum many times and I would like to be part of the virtual community. I am 32 years old and I got into QiGong when I practiced Martial Arts (Shaolin White Crane and Long Fist) after some years I got more involved in the meditation discussions and began a practice of meditation, after some time I began having experiences and unexpected arousal of sexual energy, so my teacher recommended a book by Mantak Chia, it was such a coincidence because that day I received an email that he was coming to South Africa. I got very involved in that work for some years, i no longer do martial arts but I still do a mix of basic qigong exercises, I would like to go deeper and I am searching for something deeper. Looking forward to sharing with you all.