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  1. what would you do if theres an entity attached to you ?

    hi! Run away, run away, run away!!! oops was kidding.... perhaps you can pratice 9 purifications with purple light descending from big dipper...... perhaps go to a tibetan shrine....and ask for help???? I hope you will manage to get rid of "it". regards reg
  2. sex with entities

    Hi! IMO, I think you can have sex with someone that has Koei (Gui / Ghosts) attached to his/her chong mai. does this have the same effect??? I think in this kind of relationship, you will lose your energy the same way as if you have sex with a ghost. Am I true? reg
  3. Eight Silken Forms

    Hi! baduajin...I learnt a 32 movement baduajin (64 when u do it left and right)...does someone know this ???
  4. New one finger chan master?

    hi! I guess it belongs to yi jin jing training?
  5. Traditional Health Method

    hi! I managed to download it early this morning.... don't know what happened? thanks! reg
  6. Traditional Health Method

    Hi! I'm sorry I can't download your Pdf file. there's an "about:blank" that appears in the url window.... may you repost? thanks reg
  7. from france

    Hi! I'm sorry my forms don't start with this dragon. you can go on and have an eye on it. I practiced so much forms: different way to do microcosmic orbit, some way to help ease 8 curious channels, waidan and neidan... I started with "blue dragon breathing" Sanjiao cleansing and some heart/kidney circulation... reg you can reach this URL: The jade body is a way to work on the backspine and on the extraordinary yang vessel. you have some twisting of the body, lowering back and it as 3 breathing methods: tortoise crane dragon reg
  8. Spiritual Politics and Practice

    My teacher told us to spend much time on empiness meditation... In the Quanzhen Longmen practice, quieting the mind is so much of an importance. You can practice neigong exercices but you should always consider a part of time on emptiness meditation. Reg
  9. NLP and Max (Conman) Christensen

    Hi! meanwhile, if there's too much of the same thing it could focus attention too much on it. I mean perhaps some topics aren't seen due of too much K... that's only a question.... excuse my poor english, it's not my mother tongue. reg
  10. Daofa Huiyuan

    hi! Is there a known translation of "Daofa Huiyuan"? Just to know if someone knows the exact content of it too? regards reg
  11. from france

    Hi everybody! It's a self introducing topic from france. I'm 36 old man and like to discover more on the daoist practice. I'm on my way to a qigong course to become a teacher. I Practice longmen qigong mainly and a bit of liu dong's qigong (do you know : jade body practice etc...) Forgive me for my bad english writing. It is not top notch as it used to be. recently I paid the annual fee for this association Hope to hear from different practice ! regards reg