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  2. Greeting and my work/

    THE STORY OF MASTER CHAN BOSTON COMMON 1983 It was 1983 I was living in Boston at the time. One summer day I met some folks who invited me over. It got late so I spent the night. I did not sleep that night for reasons left unexplained. Around sunrise 6:30 I decided to walk to downtown Boston. I arrived at the Boston Commons around 8 o'clock. Boston Commons is right next to Chinatown and The heart of Bostons business district. Since its so close to Chinatown many Chinese people come in the park early to do their exercises. As I made my way into the park I was guided to go to the only hill in the park that has a memorial for World War I Navy veterans. There was only one person up there at the time a short Chinese man with slight balding hair and radiant eyes. My curiosity was quickly aroused as I saw him do the strangest moves that looked like kung fu but with no clear form. I had seen many kung fu movies to that point and knew what kung fu was supposed to look like. But he was doing these odd breath things standing on one leg and using, it appeared to be a crane hand. I realized very quickly I was in the presence of no ordinary man especially when he did his three kicks all with a loud HA that snapped when they hit the encasement walls of the Navy statue. He did a straight on kick where the flat of his foot sent a resounding illustration of power when it hit its mark. His other two kicks were a toe kick and last his heal kick. All three looked deadly to say the least. He then touched the surface of the statue in what I can only describe as a yin-yang motion. After 30 minutes of this I was convinced this man had extraordinary skills. I was completely blown away.............................................. .......When to the right of me walking up the hill were two dudes, one a skinny blond country bumpkin sort of, the other I call Moe because he had a Moe of the 3 Stooges bowl haircut. He wore a black leather vest with no tee shirt underneath and was built like a brick shit house (American slang term that apply applies to Moe). They approached me and Moe asked me where the Greyhound Bus Station was and mentioning they were from South Dakota and just passing through. I quickly turned my attention back after telling them where the bus station was to the strange kung fu master I had encountered making it obvious I was not interested in conversing further. Moe and his buddy went to the left of me and Master Chan, (whose name I learned of in another visit), and they sat down on the cement bench that was there. I was back to my observations of Master Chan when i began to hear Moe speaking in a loud voice; "Look at that stupid gook what does that GD chink thinks he's doing". Remarks like this were being lodged. When I look over at Moe he saw me looking and I guess got jealous because I had snubbed him for a chink. He got up and started walking towards me as he approached saying; "You know I don't think I like you. I think i am going to punch you in the mouth, I AM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH!" I stood up and we were face to face no more than a foot apart. The next thing was, somebody was going to hit somebody. It seemed I was going to get pummeled. In that brief moment suddenly, I swear, a huge shiver went through Moe's body, he spit at me as he walked away still shaken. I saw it hit an inch away from my foot. Still discombobulated he walked away saying over and over; " The next time I see you MF I'll kill you I'll kill you MF I'll kill you! Stunned by this I looked to see where Master Chan had been during this situation, he was not by the statue, but then i look behind me to find the Master directly behind me. It did not take me long to put two and two together. He had obviously given one hell of a look at Moe saying if you touch him i will kick your ass. It certainly changed Moe's mind. We have all seen in the movies where the master helps someone and uses their body to fight the bad guy. Who knows how this would have finished itself if Moe had not walked away. Seeing that Moe and his pal were still setting on the bench I thought I better leave just in case. So I proceeded to leave by the same way Moe and his companion arrived. As I was walking down the hill I turned around and saw Master Chan with his hands on his hips watching my exit. I stopped and put my hands in the prayer salute bowing my head with my eyes still on him I nodded a thank you. Master Chan graciously said your welcome by nodding his head too. That was my introduction to Master Chan of Boston Chinatown. Chen Man Ching has said when one goes beyond the form in Tai Chi Chuan one is into the profound. Such is this Master Chan. He did finally tell me he was a Tai Chi man. His English is poor. He said he started his training at ten years of age. And for one year his master made him stand in the horse stance. He said to me, he still feels the anguish of that grueling work out to this day. And he said could you imagine how a ten year old would feel with such regimen. I can not even imagine. Thus he became rooted to the earth. And his Tai Chi flourished. Master Chan Part II After the first meeting i know doubt was curious to see if I could find out more about the kung fu master who protected me on that fateful day. (The person I sent this story too),,,, you mentioned that you thought we would have become friends. Not quite. Do to Master Chan's limited English and my straight out awe of the man we did not become friend's per say. After our first meeting I made it a point to get up early go to the Boston Common and see if Master Chan would be out 'playing' his kung fu. So I made many trips to see him but we rarely spoke I just wanted to observe and see if I could fathom where his kung fu was at. I told you he told me he was a Tai Chi man but that was several years down the road before he declared that to me. But over the next few-years Master Chan graciously showed me his skills and enormous power in 3 situations that stand out in there uniqueness. By the way, very few people ever realized they were in the presence of one of the greatest kung fu masters and Tai Chi masters who ever lived. I met maybe one or two regulars in the Boston Common who knew of his stature. So there have been others, but not too many, because Master Chan's moves are very difficult to gauge. I was one of the lucky ones to see him and his lofty kung fu and attempt to understand it.Plus he protected me in that dire situation with Moe. Three story's of Master Chan's kung fu prowess. Story I: The Oak Tree surprise. There are at least 3 huge oak trees located around the Navy Memorial statue where I first saw Master Chan. Several times he showed me his great power by this method. Everyone knows that oak is one of the hardest woods on earth. The same, can know doubt be said, for the huge rivulets of bark that encase these massive trees. Master Chan would stand next to one of these giant oak's and with a mighty HA! his hand moving so fast, then as if a lighting bolt had struck he ripped a solid handful of bark off that tree, then he would pause holding the chunk of bark he had rendered and gently toss it away with a look and confidence that very few mortals who ever lived could say they could do the same. Story II: The trash can kick. Surrounding our main location in these story's, the Navy statue, were cement cylinders used to encase and chain galvanized trash cans. Obviously to prevent people from dumping the trash cans out. Galvanized trash cans are hip high, the cement holder would be obvious to imagine. A huge cement cylinder, no doubt weighting several hundred pounds or more. One morning Master Chan was doing his routine, just me and him, no other observers around, when he approached the trash can cement holder.And with that front full foot kick I described before he stood there did his ONE body wind up in place one body unit motion, and with a mighty HA his foot hit the outer rim of our cylinder. To my astonishment I saw that cylinder raise 8 inches off the ground and come back down slamming to the earth. Master Chan then looked at me and said to me without words: " I could have tipped that cylinder over and very easily at that". I responded with a nod of awe and the good fortune that he allowed me to get a glimpse of his power. I left in wonder once again of this kung fu master. Story III: Master Chan's healing touch. On another early morning visit to the Boston Common I spied Master Chan. As I approached him i saw an old China man slowly walking to Master Chan.His feet were barely shuffling along but he was walking in this condition. He and Master Chan met and began talking. Then Master Chan began doing some hands on touching to this old man.He would blow his breath on the old mans arm. He also would pick new leaves off of the trees nearby and rub the leaves on the old man while blowing his breath on him in that way as well as intermittently talking to the old man. This went on for over 1/2 hour then Master Chan was done and walked away. The old man also began walking away. I was surprised the see the old mans feet moving much much faster. Concluding Master Chan must have energized him in the methods described. My curiosity got the best of me and I approached the old man and asked what just happened. To my amusement and wonder he said the following: "Master Chan greatest kung fu master on face of earth, he can put his finger through park bench if he want, he touch me, he heal me, me barley walk, he touch me, he heal me. He not sleep with his wife for 16 years, he said with great bemusement"! I walked away and thought to myself OMG that Master Chan is something else again. Story IV, On occasion after Master Chan was done with his Tai Chi he would stand, hands on his hips up on the Navy statue hill and begin with his mighty roar going: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA". We have seen similar laughter in the kung fu movies. How strangely wonderful all this was for me. James P.S. Perhaps some on this forum may have lived in Boston at the time of this story. Perhaps some of you may have seen this great Tai Chi Master. I last saw him in the Boston Common in 2006.
  3. Greeting and my work/

    i have a thread about this. I code named it 144CETORAIN12 Clown Ninja, I am curious as to what 'U' meant by this remark. James
  4. Greeting and my work/

    I ivented a machine that demonstrated what is call the YYSI 16 Phase Motion. Here we had pins that moved a circualr devise w/ a magic marker that would trace the motion on a blank peice of paper. Below is the features list containing 80% of what the YYSI comprises of. I wll start with this and see your thoughts on such claims. James THE YYSI MAIN FEATURES 1. The YYSI 'Circle Arrangement' (CA) discovered in the yin-yang symbol in 1985. While playing with the yin-yang symbol with pencil and paper in the summer of 1985 I discovered the YYSI CA. It took me many hours. Then when I put it to a compass and straightedge it stood true. Originally, with pencil and paper in hand, in this experiment, I divided the yin-yang symbol or its large circle with a sigmoid line into 9 small circles along its its diameter on a vertical line from the center, this was the key that began the YYSI revelation in sacred geometry. This circle arrangement reveals how from nothing a point in time and space appears and then proceeds to move in a 16 Phase Motion (16PM), 8 in one direction then 8 in the other direction. Thus forming 1/2 of the yin-yang symbol to be considered relevant to each cycle of the 16 PM 8 x 8. The YYSI prefers the small black circle and its white embodiment facing the viewer to the left. This means the small white circle and its black embodiment would naturally be on the bottom of the yin-yang symbol with it viewed from the right. Another major feature within the YYSI CA is that for the first time in the history of the yin-yang symbol the small B &W circles have a prescribed a diameter, 1/6th of the yin-yang circles boundary. Before this these smaller circles could be drawn any size. 2a. It was discovered in 2009 that the YYSI CA was 'one' with the Star of David (SOD). This simple 'unity' of the YYSI CA w/ the SOD soon had far reaching consequences on several levels as will be understood in further reading the YYSI main features. 2b. In 2009 it was seen that when the YYSI CA were combined w/ the SOD, one discovers the Jewish Kabbalah's Tree of Life (TOL) diagram in the YYSI and the yin-yang symbol alone. 2c.The YYSI TOL is prior to the considered roots of Kabbalah and its TOL. The roots of the Kabbalah and its TOL are the Flower of Life (FOL) and its Seed of Life (SOL), the SOL is where the traditional TOL and its geometry is found. 2d. The YYSI TOL is thus the primal, (the 1rst), TOL, prior to the Jewish and Egyptian and Babylonian TOL of Kaballah. Why? Because it uses only 'one' circle to achieve the same results that the SOL and its seven circles from the FOL use to depict the formation of the TOL in this traditional format. 2e. The YYSI is also 'one' w/ the FOL and the SOL and its TOL, in an arrangement of the TOL with the YYSI that is distinctive and reflects all these formations in the Jewish Kabbalah and its TOL in their original state. Meaning to say, the YYSI TOL, is one w/ the original TOL in traditional Kabbalah also. Look to the center circle of the FOL diagram. Here is the 1rst circle and the home of the YYSI w/ the SOD and its version of the TOL. Furthermore, this new version of the TOL from the YYSI with the SOD in its geometry gives the old TOL a makeover and hair-do. 3. A 'Diamond Shape' (DS) discovered in 1990 in the YYSI CA from 1985. When the circle interaction points are joined by straight lines the DS is revealed. . This in turns creates a Mystic Cross (MC) of unparalleled beauty when its lines are extended outside of the yin-yang symbol. 4. We call the YYSI MC the: 'Radiant Aura Diagram' (RAD). The RAD is composed of 82 lines as extended from the DS outside the yin-yang symbols large circle. The RAD as a MC is obvious, when one sees the vertical and horizontal parallel lines that give it the quality of a MC. One consideration is the term; "there is nothing new under the sun". Here the YYSI RAD show us a sacred geometry MC icon never seen in the (known) history of geometry and sacred geometry. It reminds me of a light pole emanating its rays when one squints ones eyes and study's the light at night, the light pole shines forth. 5. Turning the YYSI or the yin-yang symbol CA alone on its side a formula is discovered that places the Great Pyramid (GP) outside and inside the yin-yang symbol to the inch. A stunning discovery by Eric, (my collaborator on this invention), Eric was in the GP at four years of age. The Kings Chamber was closed that day so his aunt and dad and he were only allowed in the Queens Chamber. Eric stuck his head in the lower 'niche' in the Queens Chamber and had what he would describe as a spiritual experience he never forgot. After many attempts on my own since 2001 to find a formula for the GP in the YYSI Eric struck gold in 2006 with the most unique GP and face angle formula ever seen in geometry. 6. When the SOD is combined with the above # 5, the YYSI GP discover, we find a Kabbalah (TOL) diagram in the GP with the Queens Chamber becoming the lowest Sephiroth Malkut. This connection of a TOL in the GP has never been seen before. 7. The Washington D.C. street plan is based on a squashed 5:4 ratio Star of David. As the YYSI is 'ONE' with the SOD we can easily squash the YYSI with the SOD & the GP to the 5:4 ratio. We then discover it sets in the D.C. street plan to perfection. We have images of this function of the YYSI on Google Earth Eric knew at 12 years that the DC street plan was a squashed Star of David or Hexagram. Eric is a physicist genius of no small order so when he puts his stamp on something you can believe it is true. 8. In this mix with # 6 the YYSI + SOD + GP and its TOL in the D.C. street plan, we see that the SOD in the GP allows for the White House and the Queens Chamber to be found in the same location in the the D.C. street plan, this is where the infamous V pointing to the White House sets. Thus the White House is also the Sephiroth Malkut too. The implications here are somewhat profound as some of our forefathers and George Washington were Freemasons who had a great understanding of sacred geometry and other esoteric sciences. The true meaning of the D.C. street plan has never been fully understood. Having the YYSI fit into its mold leaves one somewhat wonder-struck in disbelief and with this emotion, what ever the truth and implications of this union are, this element makes all of this most difficult to discern and fully understand. 9. The YYSI + SOD + its TOL allows for a unique view of the human face and alien faces when placed in the yin-yang symbol. The way the YYSI and its TOL accentuates the human face in this placement is truly amazing and thus allows us for the first time in history to envision the term in Kabbalah, the Adam Kadmon, (primal man male/female), to its conclusion. We are the Adam Kadmon! 10. The 'Pillar of Light' (POL). I took this term from Dr. J. J. Hurtaks book: The Book of Knowledge-The Keys of Enoch as I feel his book is a prophecy of the YYSI. The POL is the true form of the yin-yang symbol and the YYSI. It is a conic tube that moves in a 16 Phase Motion creating the universe by combining its four quadruple-wave-forms, two on each end, becoming what we call light and sound vibration. Or the 'Big Bang' itself. In Chinese cosmology the yin-yang symbol is called, the Tai Chi Tu or the Supreme Ultimate Pole or the Grand Ridge Pole. The idea is that it is likened to a house-ridge-pole, thus the grand-ridge-pole or support structure of the universe. When we analyze the POL (which has not been done) we may well find ourselves at the ROOT of all electro-magnetic energy. Thus being able to create the divine science as spoken of in Hurtaks book and other places. Plus, as mentioned above, the POL may hold the key to a 'NEW' science, in a guise, that will unlock the mystery's behind creation, allowing mankind to harness the innate propensities of the initial condition for the benefit of all. 11.Another feature of the YYSI is that it shows us 'HOW' the first circle of the universe is formed in the POL's 16 Phase Motion. 12.The YYSI latest invention I discovered and created, (February of 2011) is the YIN-YANG SECRETS-PYRAMID POWER SYSTEM (YYSI-PPS) The YYSI-PPS is a revolutionary pyramid power system based on the face angle of the Great Pyramid as shown by the YYSI and its other inherent 3-dimensional geometry's. If pyramid power energy 'truly exists' the YYSI-PPS will up the ante and may well prove to be the most effective way of generating pyramid energy yet devised. Who could have imagined the humble yin-yang symbol would have all this and more hidden within and without its simple form. End of 'MOST' of the YYSI features.
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    Greetings Dao Bums, I am an inventor whose U.S. Patent unlocks, a never before seen, sacred geometric formula found within and without the classic Chinese yin-yang symbol. I call this work the: YIN-YANG SECRETS INVENTION (YYSI). I recieved a U.S. Patent on 8 parts of the YYSI in 1998. Since 1998 up to the present there are more than 20 features the YYSI has to offer. The YYSI is a sacred geometry revelation for the 21rst century. It is 'ONE' with many of the great icons of the world. Some examples. The YYSI is 'ONE' with the following: 1. The Flower of Life 2. The Seed of Life. 3. The Star of David. 4. The Kabblaha's Tree of Life. 5. The Great Pyramid. 6. The Washington D.C. street plan pointing to the White House. These few examples show how the YYSI aligns itself with world icons. I will pause and allow these few words about the YYSI to be the introduction to this work. Many blessing to 'ALL' on this forum. James