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  1. Confused

    Are there any books I should read that will explain general ideas and finer detail on certain subjects? Like meditation, energy, Taoism's history, other beliefs, food, and anything else a Taoist should know? My favorite: Taoism, John Blofeld I spent many years reading about Taoism but I have found that Mahayana Buddhism provides a path that is less "self" oriented, one that is rooted in compassionate being. Check that out if you'd like to. The information seems very foreign at first, but the path is timeless The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion Sutra is a reading that will guide me for a lifetime go beyond thought? rainbow
  2. Handy ways to expel excess energy?

    I haven't posted here in ages, but I've been popping in. Your tone of voice (if that can be distinguished online) compelled me to write. Walking in a natural environment helps me to balance excess Qi. Where the mind goes, the Qi follows, empty your mind of intention and the Qi will balance itself Rainbow
  3. The bond between the Yin and Yang bodies

    Both very helpful!
  4. I haven't posted in ages but I've been checking in consistently for a long time and I still really enjoy all of your conversations, so thank you. I think this is a delicate topic, and I am confused in trying to lessen my confusion. This post contains a lot so pick what you find stimulating I guess (filter my copious intellectual questionings, obviously I need to do some sitting meditation). It seems to me that when I am asleep my energy (yang I think) body leaves my physical (yin I think) body and the dreams resulting are a process of mind, but the mind is independent of the mind of the earth which normally regulates our physical experiences. In ordinary states the energy body resides within (clarify?) the physical body. What bonds these two together and what force is at work when they separate? I saw this question posed in another post having to do with Don Juan. It seems to me that in Taoism, if the Yang portion of a human being can be purified (does this mean that the yin must be as well) during a lifetime to be infinitely spirit then enlightenment is attained, and infinity of mind is realized, without beginnings or ends Any opinions, additions, would be gladly gobbled up Rainbow
  5. A friend just introduced me to Sahaja meditation (chicagoyoga.org) and it feels perfect for me. It involves the Kundalini energy. I am in the middle of a research project on Qigong and wondered if anyone could point me towards academic sources on Qigong (involving Kundalini?). Within the texts and history of Qigong is the Kundalini energy mentioned? I am very curious. Thanks all, Rainbow
  6. Direction, elements

    I have seen references to the elements as being fundamental to spiritual understanding. Is this literal? Also, there are references to directions (N,S,E,W) within different spiritual texts. Could we discuss these archetypes Thank you all, Peace, Rainbow
  7. how do i escape?

    must dissolve the ego
  8. how do i escape?

    Thank you all. Perfectly blunt. I think I was expecting to be told that my desire for a certain freedom was a dualistic and futile challenge in itself. I needed to here it from you all. Heres to embracing! what did you mean by "the bird is in the tree"
  9. how do i escape?

    This thread may touch on what we are all seeking. Please be blunt. Everything in this world ends, alters, or changes form. I feel a need to embrace the only thing that I have a relative control over: myself and a potential to experience this world as it is and to escape emotion and rules which are all fleeting and irrelevant. Please recommend something that I can do every day of my life to transcend the impermanent nature of all things. I want to become the world. I can no longer endure the dualities and cycles of this samsara.
  10. A question on kunlun

    Thank you all, I am excited.
  11. A question on kunlun

    Hello! over the past year or so I have browsed endless websites and read more than a dozen books on taoism and other such things in an attempt to understand the world on a more meaningful level. I want to have some sort of understanding of who I am, what I am doing here, what here is, etc. Simply put, I am existentially confused. The western style of living is unappealing to me. In school, the things I learn have nothing to do with a spiritual knowledge and leave me feeling empty and lost. I am sort of at the mercy of my thoughts and emotions, these thoughts seem irrelevant and irrational in retrospect. I do not really have a role model and have not yet found a path which I can stick with for a long period of time. I am indecisive and the only real progress i have made was in reading Astral Dynamics which gave me an understanding of internal energy. I have recently looked into the Kunlunbliss website and it is very intriguing to me. I am currently in high school and I am searching for some sort of spiritual path which I can dedicate myself to. Is this path one which would lead to spiritual understanding or is it purely a physical experience? I am planning on purchasing the book on kunlun and would love to know more about what I would be getting myself into. thank you very much for your time, rainbow
  12. body temperature control

    106 F, thats incredible. thanks for the post. I have actually read that article before. It's amazing that people in the scientific community ignore what is right in front of them. on another note, maybe you could help me, I have been lost recently in my practices. This summer I meditated every night for about twenty minutes for a month and a half. School came along and it became very hard to find the time. I meditated the other night casually in bed and when I stopped and went to sleep my heart and chest felt like they were beating really fast and i checked my pulse and it was regular so I assumed it was my heart chakra. I have been daydreaming a lot the past few days and several of these dreams have come to happen in exactly the same way I imagined. For the past few years the world has reminded me of its own magnificence and mystery and I go in and out of obsessions with trying to understand it. What practice, or meditation, could I do that would be simple and would further me on my quest for understanding and for un-understanding, that is, the unlearning of all of the impermanent crap we learn in school. From experience, I know that my mind is more powerful than we understand it to be and I know there are aspects to this physical and unphysical world that are somewhat uncharted and not understood. Help. thanks, rainbow
  13. Recently, I discovered while bored that I can change the temperature of my hands when concentrating. I'm not doing anything in particular other than focusing on my hands and minimizing thoughts. I can make one colder or both colder. The other night for fun I had my friend put his hand in between my two hands (without making any contact) to see what would happen and we both felt a very cold sort of wind and when he pulled his hand away after about a minute it was far colder than his other one. I got really excited and thought about what it could mean. I thought that I might just be influencing my body with my mind which is awesome in itself but when I made my friends hand cold the possibility of me manipuating things outside of myself opened up. I just thought I would share this with everyone. What do you think is going on? Why a colder temperature, not warmer? What else could I try as an experiment? Lets discuss! Peace.
  14. What are the right questions?

    the first one that came to my head: "why is it that I am able to ask questions?" the second one that came to my head: "how much reality, of the whole, am I actually experiencing when I touch taste smell feel see think"