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    i havn't time to read a lot but that's very good to know. Thank you for the warm welcome
  2. NEW

    I'm also new and would like to hear about how you find the Tao and your thoughts on it.
  3. hello! I'm new also, so its nice to know I'm not the only one.. Maybe I'm wrong but isn't there a verse(s) in the Tao-te Ching about like how its the goverenment job to govern and the peoples job to rebeil if they dont? The same way its a parents job to rule the child ( i know this part is weird) and the childs job to disobey when they parents are wrong?? The being a hippy part made me think about that, because we think about hippies being anti war , but i remember reading and understand that war for a reason isnt always evil..i donno... HI!
  4. Hello

    I'm 25, with a daughter and wonderful husband. I'm the only "Taoist" I know. I might not be the best at following the Tao ( I only today found out we have gods!) But I do my best, and know that's all I can do. I live in the mid west and would love to know more about the way and people who might be like me. I get very lonely sometimes. I try to live as an un carved block and passively while respecting and honoring the cycles of nature both in the world around me and my self...So uhmmm Hello!