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  1. Hey , I am new here so please be gentle with me ! I found u guys from a forum about taoist mantras withe experts expressing their views . I was feeling quite down with my life and it made me smile all the way down to my feet ! Man , I am so happy to be stupid with no knowledge compared to these guys . My Tao is just to make my chi softer / sweeter smelling every day and try to become a more virtuos person . That is enough for me and I like being stupid and following my heart in life . I am a buddhist / taoist / me- ist and think that freedom is the most important thing in life ...wether it is mental / physical / spirtitual ..just be NICE ! Not a hippy by the " way " ....I am actually a War Pensioner etc..... In my long cultivation I have always found " knowledge " a serious barrier . I believe ....works for me anyway .. If you think you know everything then you know nothing AND if you think you are thinking then who exactly is thinking that to start with ?! I just like to FEEL and if it FEELS OK then I follow that path . Of course we need to access the various ways first and to try all of them and if we are lucky find a " way " to peace and love . Is there anybody here there that agrees with me ? My little offering if it helps anyone ...... Tai Chi ....Take Control ....Think Calm .... R A F ......Relax and Focus ... QUOTE : We all sit on the toilet , we are all the same ....