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  1. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I ate greens and carbs. I probably needed B-12, now that I think about it. I probably didn't need to eat steak. At the time, though, I thought it was funny to break a vegan period with a little steak. I had a big old bellyache from that little steak.
  2. Taoism Vs Buddhism

    If women don't act like woman should and aren't the receptive to the male's active, then what happens? It turns into a bad situation, is what happens. I'd go further but it isn't politically correct in today's culture to talk about the Tao.
  3. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    if you believe science, then humans probably 'evolved' over the past 10,000 years they started domesticating dogs, cats, etc. Which means we probably evolved according to something they call 'history', meaning a historical record. Like we probably evolved wearing clothes, cooking food, eating grains, etc. If we go back to the caveman diet, it doesn't mean we'll necessarily love longer. But if it works for you, by all means, don't let me stop you.
  4. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I get spacy. I've tried the raw foods thing, but the problem is, I get spacy. I was vegetarian for a while, and I just couldn't stay grounded, so I ate a little steak. I'm probably the wrong one to talk to about this, though. I don't think my experience is the same as everybody.
  5. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I used to worry about my diet and my quality of life. But since I'll die anyways, now I try to get by the best that I can, by balancing the death anyway thing with my hope that I could somehow cheat death. The hope isn't happening, BTW, I get older, etc. So I don't really worry so much about eating raw foods. Cut out hydrogenated oil from your diet, and you'll end most of the zits. This is what I found. Anyways, maybe I'm just jaded. Like that book in the Christian Bible. All is vanity or is it? I don't know.
  6. The Tao of Dying

    Death is just the end of life. Buddhism/Taoism kindof says that if we meditate that we won't lose our attainments through meditation after death. If we become enlightened/"immortal" that we get to keep that. But how can anybody really know how to die unless they already did it?
  7. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    I think it's interesting, though, because the whole natural foods, living foods kick is what a lot of animals do anyways. If they're not eating people or other animals, they're eating fruits & veggies or grains, etc., right? But they still die.
  8. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    It's too bad we all die anyway. Maybe someday somebody will come up with a cure for death.
  9. Verdesi HPRD Seminars in the United States

    Well, maybe you'll get something if you pay for it. I guess with people like you around the Verdesis of the world or others charging thousands for lessons won't starve.
  10. Gods and Goddesses

    Well, I was searching for the Mo Pai, but now I'm just posting like anybody else.
  11. Gods and Goddesses

    I was actually a Buddhist for years. Now, I am of the opinion that science and humanism are the great meeting ground where as humanity we can make the proper choices and agree upon them, rather than killing each other over and over again and destroying the environment. I came to this conclusion based upon the fact that everybody I've met seems convinced of their spirituality or lack thereof as the case may be. We have to agree upon something realistic, with physical evidence, and that's science and humanism. Because with everybody's subjective opinions of religion/atheism, we will never be able to agree upon that.
  12. Gods and Goddesses

    I've been thinking about this a lot because my room-mate killed a spider, and I looked to see if I could see any kind of spirit coming from it, but I couldn't see anything at all. Do spiders go to Heaven? Or are they just dead and all animals until the Resurrection. Will God resurrect the spiders? But a lot of people are just so convinced of their beliefs in God, or Goddesses, or Buddha or Science or atheism or agnosticism. It just seems to me that without proof of God, or Goddesses, or atheism, then how can we agree on it? A lot of people claim to have experienced supernatural occurrences, but there isn't any physical evidence for any of them. So is it just delusional? Obviously, not everybody is correct where their beliefs contradict others.
  13. Gods and Goddesses

    Where did God come from, 'magic land'? If you believe God made stuff, then who made God? Oh, always there, without beginning or end, the alpha and the omega. So, universe ... always there, without beginning or end, the alpha and the omega. To assume some deities is just an assumption. There's no proof. Whereas there is physical evidence of science, at least.
  14. Gods and Goddesses

    If you really look at it, science could be correct -- it could have been a big bang. There is no evidence or proof otherwise, no matter how many people claim God this or Gods (or Goddesses) that.
  15. Gods and Goddesses

    And the proof that there is God or any Gods is ... oh, that's right ... no proof anywhere.