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    I may be there for the free lecture, if finals don't take too long. Being an unemployed college student means I can't make it on Sat/Sunday. It would be awesome to meet Max.
  2. A New Earth Oprah/Tolle webcast

    I didn't know they had video. My mother bought the book and I don't know much about Eckhart Tolle. I'll check it out.
  3. Kunlun New Jersey Workshop

    I am still new to kunlun, but I would love more information on this gathering as I live in New Jersey.
  4. New to Eastern Meditation

    Hello TaoBums! I have researched qigong/yoga/meditation for a long time and I am finally applying my knowledge. After reading some discussions on the forum over at (I recognize drew hempel of course!) I found a link to this forum and then I found kunlun! This site has been great for reading and I hope to join in on the discussions soon.