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  1. Hello from a new forum member.

    Hi OldGreen, Do you have any recommendations regarding the qigong(s) to practice? Also, how does one get permission to join your cultivation group? All the best, PM
  2. Hello from a new forum member.

    Hi Rene, Thanks for encouraging the posts! All the best, PM
  3. Hello from a new forum member.

    Hi OldGreen, I noticed your photo of the Parthanon, and I wondered if you went to Athens in 2002? Regarding your question, I practice a couple of qigong exercises to help create jing. These exercises stimulate the lower back and lower abdomen. One is called "Bear Walking" I learned from Yan Gaofei in Hollywood, FL, several years ago. The other is a part of Wudang Shen Quan Qigong set that I learned from Chris Turner in Northern CA also several years ago. After the building jing exercises, I practice Kong Jing I learned from Guo Bingsen. I subsequently found the same Kong Jing videos as part of the Chinese National Chi Kung Institute Tien Tao Chi Kung Correspondence Program (which is excellent). See on the internet. I also add some other qigong exercises I learned from time to time. With best regards, PM
  4. Hello from a new forum member.

    Hi PythagoreanFullLotus, Thanks for your well wishes, and I'm looking forward to entering the main forum. All the best PM
  5. Hello from a new forum member.

    Greetings, I currently don't practice Tai Chi, but I learned the Yang short form and Chen short form several years ago. Most recently, I purchased a Wudang Tai Chi 28 Shi DVD by Zhang Xue Chao ( to learn. I have most recently been practicing qigong and meditation. Best regards, PM
  6. Hello from a new forum member.

    Greetings, I am a student on the path, and I look forward to learning from members on this forum to help me advance. I have studied theories for many years, and now I want to focus on practicing. I want to learn through personal experience. With best regards, PrimaMateria