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  1. Passive Aggressiveness On The Spiritual Path

    Greetings, Subscribing yourself to a psychological 'models' like passive-aggressive,or agressive,passive,assertive is kind of pointless. In reality we all have all of those traits,taking our personas(mask) on and off.For example,you may be aggressive when you are encountering beings weaker then yourself,and passive aggressive towards those whom you see as stronger, then being passive to your own faults,etc. That article tries to deal with overcoming passive aggressiveness near its end,assuming you can have an honest 'win-win' situation between people at all times,in reality there are cases when there such end is impossible.Not everyone is open minded,honest,kind and understanding.There are situations where being a timid sheep is not gonna stop wolves from tearing you apart. So in end,it is important to be honest,just,forgiving and understanding but there are times when swift action may be required which may seem aggressive to some but which will preserve harmony in longer run.This is why it is important to apply the principle of Yin and Yang,overuse of either is detrimental,you must blend action and non-action,speaking up and remaining silent,be alert while relaxed,etc according to our own experience and understanding brought wisdom. Our inner nature is unexpressionable,constant yet it wears our personalities like clothes,ever changing in colours and qualities.It is a paradox yet it isnt. Edit:typo and text format.
  2. Addition: in my humble opinion,William Mistele's approach on Bardon system is the most close to true inner legacy of Bardon; other authors i know of,like Rawn Clark are deeply immensed in other traditions like western/hebrew Kabbalah or other western traditions.Bardons source of Quabbalah was Sepher Yetzirah (oldest text on hebrew mysticism) and/or some spirit gave him the system and its not concerned about tree of life,pathworking or similar modern concepts but about using the letters as energy building blocks of the process of creation and is universal in nature,independent of traditional dogmas associated with hebrew kabbalah.
  3. Hello everyone For those interested in Bardons son,Lumir and Bardons in-house disciple Milan Kumar, you can read ther accounts on Bardon. On novel Frabato,I heard that some people who knew Bardon personally,when he saw the manuscript of that book,he said it should never be published. Concerning Bardons overweight and smoking,his disciple says he had under-active thyroid glands, resulting in weight-gain,low heart rate,fatigue,depression etc.He says Bardon was smoking to override these (smoking increases body metabolism).He quit several times for a year to strengthen his willpower.Now when somebody says Bardon couldnt have been a master because he was smoking and overweight,those didnt look into his reasons.There is no set rule as to what developed adepts have to look/behave like.We all get our own limitations and have to deal with them in our unique ways. Bardons system is kind of unequalled,not because his exercises are unique;he doesnt even claim to that.You can find his exercises scattered across taoist,buddhist,hindu practices. No,his system is unique in asking for perserverance and superhuman dedication to Divine Providence; empowering the individual by giving him every tool to become spiritually developed; no religion,or traditional ties,no set rituals; his approach is of universal cosmic nature. Some may see his system as cold,there are no rituals ,no community of a lodge. How you deal with issues of belonging somewhere and finding inspiration is up to you as a free individual.How you compliment his system with other practices,meditations is up to you. Now some people need a tradition,masters to lead them and tell them what to do;for such , Bardon may not be the real deal. If you seek means of spiritual empowerment while remaining essentially free of traditions and dogmas of spiritual systems,thinking for yourself, then Bardon is for you.
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    Hello everyone,Im from Serbia/Hungary. Have a nice day.