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  1. retention

    No offense dude, but you need to study a little anatomy. The kidneys have notheing to do with semen - they are separate systems. Nor do sexual activity, mental activity, sleep, etc. alter kidney function. The kidneys are the primary regulators of acid/base balance in your body - if their function fluctuated so whimsically, we'd all die much younger deaths, and definitely wouldn't be able to withstand the abuses we put our bodies through when we're young.
  2. retention

    If you're examining every body fluid and excretion this minutely, maybe you're too self absorbed... Maybe you should get your head out of the toilet bowl and just live!
  3. Hello

    Hi everybody. I'm Jacq, and I'm pretty much an atheist. I definitely don't believe in a supreme being, interventions in response to prayer or supplication or any of that stuff. (I apologize if I've offended anyone). That said, I've always felt that there's an underlying order to the universe, and have always regarded Taoism as about the only belief system that could reconcile these positions. I studied Tai Chi for several years some years ago as well. Any one else grappling with these issues? Peace.