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  1. Tarot as a Magical Tool?

    Well, under your definition, I would guess it would still be considered magick. However, it would be devoid of any supernatural force. You would be using your mind itself, and it's attempt to make connections between the symbols and your current situation. This is also a good practice because you become aware of how your mind itself works through the cards vs. supernatural influences. In this, it becomes much easier to determine whether a thought of influence was your own or an actual intuition from an outside source when performing other magickal operations. So by getting to know your mind and how it answers, it becomes less confusing when trying to conduct a magickal operation. You know exactly where the information is coming from - be it from an outside source or your mind's internal workings. At least, this is what I've found
  2. Soul Mirrors and The Tarot

    Interesting. Using the tarot as a catalyst to bring attributes into clarity. I've found that the soul mirror practice is something one does continuously in Bardon's work.
  3. Tarot as a Magical Tool?

    The Tarot deck is much more than most people affirm it as. Yes, you can use it for all manner of things. One is to use the cards as astral portals. If you're somewhat versed at astral projection, having placed a tarot card of interest out before your practice, you can enter the card as a portal to specific vibrational dimensions and/or kingdoms. Another point many people don't consider is the personal (non-magickal) work with the Tarot deck. You usually put your mind in a non-magickal mindset. (I know, sounds odd, but hear this through). Reject all influences and spiritual forces during this session. Then, conduct the tarot reading with the understanding that no spiritual forces will be at work. However, when you read it, you will yet find significance in the reading. This is from the boarder of consciousness. The action between your subconscious and conscious mind will decipher the reading in accordance with your physical understanding, giving you a clue into your conscious mind, what it thinks about your situation, and what the mind itself considers to be a proper conclusion of the reading. Your imagination is really the limit. I recently set a particular tarot card with a rolled cigaretted at my recently departed friends urn. In this case, I used it as a significant reminder of who he was in this life as well as a blessing of power into the next world.
  4. Hi :)

    If I can help others avoid the charlatans, and help them be more aware of the points to look out for in their search for a true master so they can become true initiates, and fulfill their desire to be one with The All, I'll do it. If it means being a synic, or not being popular. Fine. But I know that there is a larger reality and I know it can be tested and verified subjectively for any one person who decides to put the hard work in. But as premature "initiates" many of us don't have the skill and knowledge to differentiate between the frauds and the true teachers. Unfortunately, this is - in my estimate - a close 90-99% of all "spiritual teaching" that is going on. So, cynic? As in a general distrust in spiritual teachers. Absolutely. If a teacher is to purport to have certain abilities, skills, and knowledge, and a truth seeker were to approach him for an apprenticeship, I would think it odd if the student did not request proof of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. And I should think it even more odd if the "teacher" were to respond, "I don't need to prove myself to anyone." ... which is, unfortunately, something I've heard numerous times from purported teachers even after several years of working with them. I hope that kinda answers that
  5. Hi :)

    [edit] Greetings. I'm only here looking for truth, and to avoid that which is not truth. Perhaps I'll expound on my extreme dislike for those who preach false teachings and steal money from true seekers. So my secondary interest is to expose the frauds. Other than that, happy progress to all and may Creation guide you to your full potential!